Coffee Table and Side tables 

These mid-century pieces were given to my husband by one of his customers, they originally were destined for the dumpster but, thankfully they got saved! I like them a lot, they are the perfect slim size for my little house. Although, they're in great condition, considering how old they are I want to do something to them. Lately I've been doing some DIY's that I still have to show on EMPHASIS. Coming up soon. Really.

I've been thinking on what to do with them, painting them is my number one choice, or maybe distressing the paint? I'm definitely not staining them, that would be too much work.

Check the different options..

 Or only half.. (stain the top and paint the bottom)

Or kid art table? Adding coloring/painting stuff instead of Legos 

See, the possibilities are endless. We'll see what I decide to do to them.

PS. Here's a sneak peek at the DIY project coming up!

Forget Me Nots Find: New Piece

A friend of mine asked me if I've been to Forget Me Nots a local thrift shop. She said she found some nice stuff there, so I wanted to check it out. I finally did, twice now. There's are few pieces that caught my eye, and there are few unique and antique finds. However, I found some of the prices a bit high for a few items and some pretty fordable. The first time I was there, I saw this chair, I really liked it. The chair had a 40% off tag and well that made it seem more pretty. So the second time I was there, I had  wanted to get it.. I felt as if the chair had been waiting on me all those days since I left... So I like to think. When I asked for it, the lady which seem to be the owner of the shop came out of her office and said that today this chair was an extra 30% off. Making the total to 70% off. Not bad for my first time purchasing from there! 

I'm thinking on changing the fabric later on. 
As much as I wish to be buying this beauty from Ethan Allen, I'm pretty content with my second hand find!
Happy Week Everyone!

Table Project

(Heavy!!) Pedestal Round Table: $30

To begin with this project I used an electrical sander to make my life much more simple! I had to start with a small size, I want to say I used a 80 size, I did it for a while since as you can see the middle part was lighter then its sides. After most of the scratches and mix matches of colors were even, I used another size, I believe it was 100 to smooth out the entire surface. Also, to have an even more smooth surface a 220 worked great.  Next, I will add the first coat of polyurethane and once it dries a second coat will be necessary and maybe a third one..
We'll see how it comes out, so far I'm liking this projects!