Red, Yellow and Blue

jacket: GAP, scarf: Old Navy (via DC), pants: DC, shoes: borrowed (moms)

I wore this outfit last week because the weather allowed it, now that's been raining it's a different story.  I like the cold but, the ups and downs of the temperature drive me crazy..specially since Lilly got sick...thankfully it was a weekend thing, she's doing better now but, now I feel like I'm coming down whatever she had, not fun at all.. gonna try to get high on Airborne!
Stay warm y'all

Life in Color

 dress,vest: DC, scarf: Gifted (made in Mexico), booties: BCBG

Yes, this is the same dress I wore on my last post, I guess you can see I REALLY like it. The thing is, you would like it too if you got it for a $1?!! 
I've mentioned to you my love for DC as I like to call it, it's actually Dirt Cheap, but DC sounds nicer to me. Anyways, they opened a store here in Jackson, and I couldn't be more happy. 
You all know I'm in school and well just like any student out there, money it's a bit short for me.. the prices of books are killing me softly y'all so, I have to think.. "Do I want a book? Do I NEED a dress?" 
The answer is usually NO!(to any addition to my closet) but, having DC so close to me now, I get to drop by and see what they have or what sales are more convenient for my small budget.
That's the main reason I really like this dress; super low price, multipurpose, full of color and bringing color to my life.