Beach Part 1

Wishing I was there... 
Just wanted to share with you guys some of the pictures I got to take, before my camera went on vacation too (The battery run out and I forgot the charger at home.. yup I did)
We had such a great time with our adoptive family!
Love you guys!


 dress: DC, blazer: Thrifted (Victoria's Secrete), sandals: Chinese Laundry 

I missed y'all! I've been wanting to post but timing is never right.. Anyhow, I'm not making excuses anymore and here I am posting again. 
Well, a lot has happen in the last days, we went to the beach last weekend, I'm sure you notice my tan. We all had a great time, we had never been to Navarre Beach. The weather was awesome and the water was super clear, also the first day there, Dolphins came to greet us.. (I like to think that..) My husband got super close to them since I was a chicken and decided to stay closer to the beach shore. I did see what they were hunting though. (HUGE fish). 
We enjoyed it a lot, I wish I had more pictures to show you but I will definitely post the ones I have soon.
Also my mom is here visiting us from Mexico.. finally! It was about time she came to see us, I really missed her. I told her she could check my closet and she could wear whatever she wanted. happy face.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend ladies!

Cowgirl: Inspiration

Image via CMA Music Fest: Carrie Underwood

top: J. Crew, cardi: DC, shorts: Pants made into shorts, boots: Thrifted (NOCONA

I am in love with my outfit.. and this book.  Thank you Jessica Quirk for the gift!
Keeping it short today, just wanted to say..
Thank God Is Friday!!

Summer Lover

top: AE, shorts: Isaac Mizrahi, espadrilles: BCBG, jacket: Gap

These pictures were taken at 7:30 am.. yup.. for the love of my followers I wanted a better lighting and what better timing than 7:00am to 7:30am.
You can actually see the early of the morning in my eyes! 
I had to try it at... getting up early for a photo shoot that is.
Anyways, just enjoying the wonderful weather we've been having lately. It's warm enough for shorts but cool enough for a jacket, I guess I can call it a "californian weather".. perfect!

The Race

All registered for the race and I bet a bit nervous if you ask me..
 the girls and I went to wally world to get some stuff and show our support to the runner..
 Di showing the love of course..
 Don't ask me what time this was, I was still half a sleep..
 and without any warning, off they went.. run Javi!!

 We were waiting for him half way to cheer him on, he had told us he'd be there two hours after the race started and when we got there we waited anxiously for him and he never came.. he was sooner than what he had anticipated. Go Javi!
 So we went to look for him.. when we saw him we were more excited, so much we almost forgot the posters!

Good job!! This was one of my favorites pictures and moments, it might be just me but, it was a bit emotional at the end, I had to put it together because Di was crying. 
  Achievement... what great feeling..

 The support group.. 
Good job Javier Diaz! It's very inspiring.

Going Green

top: NY&Co, jacket, skirt, brouch & belt: Thrifted( jacket:Victoria's Secrete, skirt:LOFT), shoes: City Streets

I've actually worn this skirt before but, I didn't take a picture of me wearing it and to tell you the truth I was about to change when I remember I needed to take a picture of my outfit. You see, just minutes after getting to our house I needed to start packing for three, and be done under 30 minutes. We decided to go with our friends to Tupelo Marathon and support Javi on his first marathon. 
Anyways, I will share with you about the race soon. For now I will tell you I really liked my outfit, it gave me a summerish-air-feeling.. since it's been raining the whole weekend. We enjoyed it nonetheless and I hope you all did too.

Try Something New

 dress: as top (Ross), skirt: Self Made, belt: Banana Republic (DC), shoes: Gifted

I'm super excited to tell you that I got Jessica Quirk's book What I Wore in the mail last week, since then I have been taking her advice into account. 
I had never thought of wearing a dress under a skirt, so I decided to try it and here is what I wore. I have to say, its a pretty combination and makes the skirt  much fuller having the dress underneath. Definitely something you ladies should try at least once. 
I hope you're enjoying your weekend..

Black and White

 dress:Cynthia Howie('07), scarf:DC, shoes:Carlos Santana('06)
I have been wanting to wear a black and white outfit for the longest time, but I laways end up wearing something else. However, I finally made it possible and even though is more black, still pretty good though.
I'm enjoying wearing sleeveless dresses but I really can't wait for the cooler weather, however I will enjoy the hotness of the summer while it's here.

DIY: Broach/Necklace Holder

I this old frame that was missing the glass, so I decided to turned it into my new "broach holder". 
You have seen this fabric here, since it was an old dress I wanted to put it to good use, plus I love the color combination. I don't have that many broaches yet, but I'm sure it will be full in no time. Broaches are my new "obsession"..kinda shoes are still my #1.
Enjoy your long weekend ladies, I will continue to post since I have a lot of catching up to do.