Forget Me Nots Find: New Piece

A friend of mine asked me if I've been to Forget Me Nots a local thrift shop. She said she found some nice stuff there, so I wanted to check it out. I finally did, twice now. There's are few pieces that caught my eye, and there are few unique and antique finds. However, I found some of the prices a bit high for a few items and some pretty fordable. The first time I was there, I saw this chair, I really liked it. The chair had a 40% off tag and well that made it seem more pretty. So the second time I was there, I had  wanted to get it.. I felt as if the chair had been waiting on me all those days since I left... So I like to think. When I asked for it, the lady which seem to be the owner of the shop came out of her office and said that today this chair was an extra 30% off. Making the total to 70% off. Not bad for my first time purchasing from there! 

I'm thinking on changing the fabric later on. 
As much as I wish to be buying this beauty from Ethan Allen, I'm pretty content with my second hand find!
Happy Week Everyone!