Risky Busty Issues

trench: Ross, dress: Montaneau, shoes: Oh.. DEER

I bought this dress months ago, maybe last winter?.. mm.. it's been a while and I can't remember the exact date. The truth is that it doesn't matter when I bough it, what does matter is that I got it for a $1!! I know right?! and in case you were wondering if that was the only dress I bought, well the answer is absolutely not!!  I went crazy looking for different styles and I also got a dress for my Shelbs (my friends teen daughter)
The only downfall about this dress if the V neck.. as you already know I have issues with my busty figure, so I kinda cover it up with my trench, I would've worn a spaghetti strap underneath, but I didn't have one available, so showing cleavage it was. I do have to say that my husband was VERY pleased on how this dress fit me..if you know what I mean, he couldn't keep his eyes off me.. SERIOUSLY and that is always my purpose! ;)

ps. the camera angle was pretty good too. Ha!

Fake It

jacket: GAP, top: Thrifted, shorts: Lauren Conrad, scarf: Gifted (AE)

These pictures were taken with my iPhone, as you can see they are plane and unedited, but looking pass that.. I wanted to show you my outfit. I like wearing shorts and even though they are not 100% "leather" shorts, this pleather material makes the shorts look pretty close to the real thing.
Also, something else that looks fake is my smile.. My friend Shana was telling me how to pose and as you can tell I was trying pretty hard to accomplish the "look" .. I hope I made you proud Shana aka female Nigel!
Y'all have a good Friday! and I trully do mean that :)


jeans & top: DC, sandals: ALDO, sunnies: Target

As I was taking this pic, a teen ask me
"Mam, what are you doing?" I was like... Mam??!!!!! I know I'm old but really?!!!
Anyways, after I told him, he just stood there and smile at me like.. " you weird lady" kinda look.
The sun light was perfect and that's the reason why I took this pictures on the side of the store, I guess people watching me while I took them, just came with it.

Casual Look

top: Ross, jeans: DC, oxfords: Vintage

iPhone pic

I don't really have much to say, because what is in my head right now, is the fact that I have to study, but I wanted to share this outfit with you. As you can see it's super casual, and the shoes are so easy to walk on, especially through a walk in the park. The End.
 I'm happy the weekend is in here by the way!
 Enjoy your Friday!

Pink & Red

 dress: DC, blazer: (Borrowed), shoes: Baker, sunnies: Cheryl Shuman Eyewear

My little princess 

The multi-functional dress and blazer, is back on EMPHASIS. I think you'll be seeing this dress often. I LOVE  this dress. Another outfit will include sandals and maybe a cardi with it.. see the options are endless.
That's it for today, have nothing much to say, enjoy your day!

The Pink Blazer

blazer: Borrowed (Moms), top & espadrille wedges: Ross (old)

Jasmine is one stylish girl!

This Pink Blazer is my new favorite item, I would say in my closet but unfortunately it's my moms'. She was here a while back and left some of her clothes. So while going through my "spring" clean, I actually happen to bump into part of her stuff, and the pink blazer called my name... OK it didn't really "called my name", but I just felt this attraction towards it..  Okey, not even an attraction because the truth is, I have been on Pinterest lately looking at different blazer colors outfits and the color that pop the most, was the outfits with a pink blazer incorporated in them.
So there you have it, the real truth is I've been wanting and looking for a pink blazer and thankfully my mom happen to own one, and how awesome is it that I found it?! I guess this blazer is meant to be mine. I didn't ask my mom for it because my rationale is; if she left it here it was because she didn't want to use it, and if you don't use it, you lose it!... or your daughter steals it, same thing!
I truly hope you get to enjoy your day and your week goes by fast, because I sure do wish my week flies!

Red Rain Boots

scarf: Old Navy, skirt & sweater: DC, boots: Old Navy, jacket: GAP

So I wore this outfit on one of our rainy days, and one of my friends said; "That's something Lilly (my 4 yr old daughter by the way) would wear!" Really?! Ok.. Maybe, but since it was raining the day felt was BLUE.. so why not add a POP of color!! And if adding color, why not go RED?! well, I do have to say, these pair of rain boots are the only pair I own.. so it HAD to be RED huh?!! :D
Red goes with mostly everything anyways, right? Righ!!
Enjoy your Friday, I'm so needing the weekend, I need to recharge my emotional, physical and spiritual batteries, but mainly emotional, I miss my hubs this whole week! 

Yellow Dress and Purple Blazer

dress: Gifted (Made by mother-in-law), blazer: DC, shoes: City Street, clutch: Thrifted 

It's been a while since I wore this dress, it's one of my favorites my mother in law made for me on my last trip to Mexico. Unfortunately, every time I take a picture of it, the yellow comes out pale.. well, it is a more subtle yellow color, I guess this is as good as it'll show. 
On another note, the warm weather is finally here, I'm might try to wear more dresses this season. I usually go for the shorts, rather than dresses, I guess I'll mix it up a bit. 
It's finally Thursday, which means my weekend actually starts this afternoon.. not that I'll do anything special, besides laundry and study. The story of my life!
Enjoy your day girls!

Black and White

top & pants: Gifted, jacket: Ross, heels: Baker (old), clutch: DC 

The entire outfit was courtesy of Yennsy, my sister in law. Remember on this post, I mentioned to you guys I had the greatest sisters in law, and that Yennsy had send me an outfit? Well, here it is. So thank you Yennsy.. Again! :)
However, I really don't like how the pictures  came out.. It doesn't do any justice to the top, it actually has sparkler on the neck line and at the end of the sleeves, I'm gonna have to take another picture, and make sure I show you guys more detail.
Meanwhile here is my outfit..
Enjoy your day

My "Ladylike" Jacket

top: Old Navy, jacket: DC, shoes: GUESS, sunnies: Target

Image via Who What Wear

I saw the different ladylike jackets on WWW and I really wanted to style one of mine too. Although, my jacket is a cropped style, it resembles the one seen on Anne H. in the above picture. All of the other stars had some cute jackets too. This type of jackets can be dressed up or down, but either way the jacket will make any outfit ladylike.
Enjoy your Monday girls!

Melon Summer Dress

long cardi: ZARA, dress: DC, sandals: Target

Notice I title this post, melon "summer" dress but, it's actually not even close to summer time yet, I enjoy every season, don't get me wrong. The only thing about it is that, the weather can't make up its mind.. It's like cold and freezing one day, and the next is warm and sunny. 
Who knows? maybe tomorrow will be raining and by the afternoon we'll be in the 80's, and then low 50's again by night. 

 Dear Weather, 
You don't have to make your mind up every day.. 
just keep it nice, and sunny on the weekend 

I hope this works y'all! Enjoy your weekend.

ps. Please ignore the umpa lumpa skin color! Editing gone wrong :D


jacket & jeans: TJ Max, cardi: Walmart, shoes: Factory Connection, scarf: Rainbow 

Shana, Kiki, Jasmine, Alexia, Chris

top:Old Navy, jacket: GAP, pants & scarf: DC, shoes: Vintage

Totally enjoying my time at school, although at times it seems to be going faster than last semester. I have made really good friends throughout this program and I'm really glad I did. However, there are times that people get on my nerves then, I remember I might get on other peoples nerves too, so I try to be a good friend to all. 
If I have the opportunity to start a friendship I will, and if things don't work out, at least I know I gave it a try. There are times, friendships are not meant to be, and unconditional circumstances arise that hinder friendships to grow.
I'm grateful for all the people that at some point in time cross my path, and although our time as friends might have been short, I'm happy we've met.
To my friends I want to say, I'm grateful to you and to God for allowing me to have you in my life, and for accepting me just as I am, love you!
let me leave you with some nice thoughts I liked from pinterest

(above for the peggies, you guys are awesome! Love you) 

Images via Pinterest

Black and Grey

Weather was good, until it started to be super windy, so the photo shoot was kinda hard to get some good results.. 

dress: DC, blazer & sun glasses: Target, shoes: GUESS

 Grey dress styled in the winder, just added tights. Ta da!

I had my hubs taking my pictures, which is different from my remote, but the day I have him taking the pictures, the wind decides to make it impossible for any shot to come out nice.. well I did like the first one, and the second one.. not that bad after all.
The last picture was taken with my iPhone and surprisingly it came out good enough, this was at church, Ellon and I are primary Sabbath school teachers (ages 7-10) As you can see we like to pose for a good picture.
Also, Ellon always has on the cutest outfits on Saturdays, I think a lot of women at our church dress really nice, its like a runway when they walk from the door to their separate rooms for their different classes. I was brought up dressing my best for church, my mom used to say " we go to meet with Jesus" so, why not be on your absolute best?!