White Pants

top: Gifted (mom), cardi: TJ Maxx, pants: Lands'end (via DC), shoes:Style&Co (via DC)

I really like the color of my whole outfit. I had been wanting to wear white pants, but I wanted to wear them whenever I didn't have Lilly around. I was super paranoid with getting them dirty. Also I was getting on the frustrated side, between taking care of Lilly and my white pants to stay that way, I was ready to pull my hair out... (not literally though). Anyways, Lilly just needed her nap (which gave me a chance to post this) soon after we arrived from Sam's.
As I was saying about getting frustrated, well is nobody's fault but mine, I stayed up all night "working" on posting new stuff on EMPHASIS and waiting on the Royal Wedding to begin. So as of right now... I WANT TO GO TO SLEEP!!... 
Unfortunately, I can't. I have to get my house ready for company tomorrow and get some food prepared as well, it's nothing major though. We're having tostadas, so it'll be easy to prepared the stuff that need to be pre-made and once I'm done off to bed I shall go!
Anyhow ladies, I hope you enjoy your weekend just as I plan to do.

Ps. Congratulations Prince Williams and Kate

My Blue LBD

 dress, jacket & belt: Thrifted  (Old Navy, Gap & Eddie Bauer) shoes: Attention ( via Hudson's)

My outfit today was super comfortable! It felt like I was wearing one of my husbands T-shirt.. (I'm not)
Although today was a bit windy, I could almost say it was perfect. The weather was great compare to yesterday. So I'm grateful for today. And tomorrow!
Because is Friday! Yay!!
Our friends are coming over for lunch on Sabbath so I'm totally looking forward to that.
Anyways ladies, enjoy your Friday.

Pillow(s) Project

I wish I could say I wore this outfit to a cafe or something...but no, we just went to the store got some "junk food", rented a movie and snapped these pictures and came home. (sorry there's only two)
top: Thrifted, jeans: Almost Famous, shoes: Dollhouse, vest: MOS (I love my hair here)
 Once we got home, made some pop corn (hot air popper) and started on my pillow project. I had mention to you I was designing a room for a 12 year old girl, well I had the curtains made by a professional, but I thought I could same some money on the pillow covers. So here is what I did..
 I went online, found this lovely lady, Vanessa on YouTube and follow her step by step. Nowadays anyone can sew, just find a good website and you can do wonders..well at least I tried. 
 It was very simple and I really like my results, I like it so much I'm doing two more today.

This is the fabric I'm working with, Crystal (the 12 yr old) likes gray and pink so here is a sneak peek of the fabric I chose for her room. The fabric in the very background is actually the curtains. I saw it at Hancock Fabrics, and I love it. The fabric has the color she likes and some colors go with the rest of the decor in the house. 
I hope your Monday is as excited as mine. Enjoy it ladies.

Multicolor outfit

Jacket: Chadwick's, top: NY&Co, skirt: Thrifted (Old Navy), shoes: Steve Madden, belt: Nine West

It was a "different" Saturday for us, but none the less it was a blessing and I'm thankful for it. 
As you can see this is what I wore to church this Sabbath. The outfit kindda looks like I've wore it before, but it's a bit different. My hubs told me "aren't you wearing too many color there?" Well my outfit only has 5 different colors and they all happen to go together. There is "rule" of wearing no more than three color in an outfit. I definitely broke that rule!
The skirt is blue with thin lines by the way, but they're barely visible. Anyways, ya'll already know I'm a rule breaker and proud!
Now, about my hair, well I curled it with my flat iron, (something I learned at the mall). The curl last quite some time, and it takes me less time to curl it with the flat iron, than with my curling iron. So now, I want to curl my hair ALL the time.
Well girls I hope you enjoy your Sunday! 


 top:Worthington (DC), jeans: 2BW/U, sandals: ALDO, glasses: Ross
Friday I have been waiting on you ALL week.. Thank you for finally getting here.
Now all I need are my girlfriends.. I'm in desperate need of "girl time".
Enjoy your weekend ladies.

Rain.. ugh.

top: Walmart, dress: Ross, shoes: Report
Today it's been raining, and as I mentioned on my last post, I was suppose to do A LOT of errands. Unfortunately, the weather was not on my side. Oh well, maybe tomorrow I'll be able to accomplish everything I had plan for today.
Anyways, days like this happen and even if you try to do everything on your check list, sometimes is just not possible. 
Oh guess what?! I found the dress and its beautiful!! It was definitely love at first sight try. It looks super gorgeous and it fits wonderfully. However, the bride needs to give me the approval, I tried quite a few on and I did like another one, but they don't have it in the color Jen picked. We shall see what she approves of, since I send her six options to choose from.. She's the bride and I'm here to please her!
Anyways my lovelies, tomorrow is Friday!!

Hair with Flower

I was trying to imitate this..

the result was this...
I think I did pretty good, the hair styles on these *models above (*they might be actual brides though) were probably done by professionals, so not to boast about my pretty results... I did pretty darn good!
Ok, ok maybe just pretty good I'm humbly admitting it. I did like it though. 
What do you think?

*Images via Wedding Channel 

Shirt Dress

top: Old Navy (gift), jeans: Levi, wedges: Report, belt: New York & Co
I have taken pictures of two outfits so far and somehow I'm not liking how they've turn out.
This outfit above I wore few days back and after reading Instyle Magazine and seeing how they paired up a shirt dress, it reminded me of this picture that I've never post. So here it is.
Anyways, yesterday I started the hunt for the dress, my bff (Jenny) is getting marry and all of her bridesmaids have bought their dress, except for me.. although I'm the maid of honor and my dress will be different I feel like I'm behind schedule with my dress. I have seen some styles I liked at Alfred Angelo and David's Bridal...we'll see.
 I'm super excited for her! She deserves to be happy.. (who doesn't really?)
Well today is a new day, besides the "hunt" I have a day full of errands.
So ladies, enjoy your day.



 Lilly checking if the light works in room.. :)

 top: Ross, jacket & skirt: Thrifted (Gap), shoes: Report, belt: DC
This is what I wore when we got to Louisiana, I wore this outfit before
I really really like  love this skirt! I guess it will definitely be shown in many more outfits to come.
We had such a great time with our friends.

New Orleans

Walking around Rue Royal and going in and out of antique stores... they had very beautiful items.
The weather was on our side, it was a bit windy but enjoyable at the same time..
Next time we'll eat lunch there.. I would love to dress up and just go all the way for a nice dinner.. well who wouldn't huh?
A wedding party was going around..(usual in New Orleans) I had seen them parading around another street earlier..it looks like fun, for a little bit though. I saw some girls wearing their pumps and honestly I would be super tired and I would worry of twisting my ankle and ruining my shoes.
This is were we had dinner, it was super nice and the food was delicious..
Doesn't it look so romantic? I love the European look it has..well all around Rue Royal looks that way.

Lilly with her faces.. Enjoying ourselves. 
 outfit: Ross
And of course I had to post this picture... typical of New Orleans huh?. 
Enjoy your week ladies.