New Orleans

Walking around Rue Royal and going in and out of antique stores... they had very beautiful items.
The weather was on our side, it was a bit windy but enjoyable at the same time..
Next time we'll eat lunch there.. I would love to dress up and just go all the way for a nice dinner.. well who wouldn't huh?
A wedding party was going around..(usual in New Orleans) I had seen them parading around another street looks like fun, for a little bit though. I saw some girls wearing their pumps and honestly I would be super tired and I would worry of twisting my ankle and ruining my shoes.
This is were we had dinner, it was super nice and the food was delicious..
Doesn't it look so romantic? I love the European look it has..well all around Rue Royal looks that way.

Lilly with her faces.. Enjoying ourselves. 
 outfit: Ross
And of course I had to post this picture... typical of New Orleans huh?. 
Enjoy your week ladies.


Dasdusha said...

Very nice pictures. You look so pretty! :)
I follow you. .)

Lili said...

Great outfit! Simple and beautiful.

Relatable Style

Jess said...

New Orleans looks beautiful! Hopefully I will get to travel there one day.

veg4life said...

That restaurant looks lovely...what's the name, where was it? We were just in NO last week, the architecture really is beautiful, that is a great picture of the wedding party. Good pics!!!