Little White Dress

I got these shoes, a year ago and today is the first time I'm wearing them. I really like them, but
I think one of the reasons why I hadn't try them before was because I wanted to wear them with a matching bag or belt or something that "went" with them. But thanks to EMPHASIS and other blogs, my fashion sense has evolve... well it's in the process.

It's ok if they don't "go"... who's rule? just like this girl says "rules are lame". I second that!
Anyways, I wanted to try this outfit earlier but the weather was not letting me until this week. I'm glad it got a bit cool, so I could wear some tights. 

top:?, dress: Ross, shoes: Paprika (Ross)
I got ready this morning and just like Veronika  (who asks her husband to take pictures of her in her outfit before he goes to work) I asked mine and my hubby couldn't say no... (Thank you mi vida)
I hope ya'll are having a great week. It feels like we were just finishing our weekend and now we're so close to Friday, I'm totally ok with that.



these shoes are gorgeous!!love them!

Jameil said...

Cute! The outfit and the shoes!

Danielle said...

LOVE this! Well done! And the purple shoes DO go... everything matches white and black!