Sun Kiss

 top: Thrifted, blazer,belt & skirt: DC, shoes: Dollhouse

Absolutely loving this combination, not only does my outfit screams comfort, but also freshness. What better way to fall in love with my clothes huh?
My husband took my pictures today and I have to say he did a good job, the sun did help out though. It was very nice out, and the lighting was perfect, 7:30 pm seem to be a great time for pictures. I barely did any editing to them, although you may not noticed it much since every time I post them, they look as if I've done nothing to them.. ugh..
Anyhow, today I have to work with Lilly on learning the names of the alphabet, she knows them by their sound, yesterday she sounded out the entire alphabet, but the only letter she knows by name and sound is W, she makes me so proud!
Enjoy your day ladies.

Yellow | Everybody, Everywear

Chocolate Craving

 top:Self Made, skirt: Old Navy, belt: NY&Co, shoes: Paprika

Yes I'm craving chocolate!! it's that time of the month.. 
Okay, maybe I'm over reacting a little bit, but I really do want some chocolate, or chocolate cake, or ice cream or all of the above. 
I know I shouldn't, since I don't need the extra calories and I can see my pouch on the pictures above, I should've worn some Spanx with this skirt.. but the chocolate calories are excusable. Plus I think my husband's starting to train for a marathon, so I could start running with him too.. yeah I'll do that so now let me run to the store and get some goods for my uncontrollable addictions to chocolate.

PS. I love my shoes by the way!! they're a bit high and make my gastrocnemius show, I still love 'em!

1-12/30 (Summer) Recap

Soo...  I made a mistake and you might have already noticed, if not... I mistakenly posted two number 5s' on EMPHASIS, here and here... see it now? 
However, my next post should be all caught up with the right numbers. I hope you're ok with that and you can excused me for not paying attention.. I guess I can blame it on my dyslexia.smiley face.
Anyhow, here is a recap of the 30x30, so far it feels like this challenge is a piece of cake.. (a chocolate cake)  since my outfits just come to me. I wish life could be this easy some times..
Enjoy your Wednesday my lovelies.

About a Movie

 top: ?, white denim: MOS, shoes : Dollhouse (the purple heels)

We went to watch Kung Fu Panda 2, since both my kids (Lilly Nicole & my husband) wanted to see it, I almost let them go on their own, so I could go and watch  "Something Borrowed", but my hubby say "this is a family movie, come with us".. so like a good wife and mother that I am, I said "fine"and we all watched Kong Fu Panda. It was good I have to admit, although there were parts of the movie Lilly lost interest over. However, there were many fighting scenes, which she got to enjoyed. We all had a good time. I will probably wait for Something Borrowed on Netflix or Red box, which ever one gets it first.

"dot dot dot.."

denim top: Walmart, polka dot: Ross, shorts: pants made into shorts, sandals: ALDO, 
Yes I've been watching the Bachelorette, and I'm super annoyed by her obsession with "Bentley" and her "dot dot dot".. Honestly!!?? Anyways, the show is getting annoying now, so that's all I will say about that, before this post gets annoying. 
I wore this Friday, since it didn't rain I decided to wear some sandals and shorts. 
The last time I wore these polka dot top, I was pregnant with Lilly Nicole. It has fade in color a bit, but as long as it fits I will continue to wear it. I guess I'm emotionally attached to it.
I'm sure I'm not the only one. smiley face.

Humid.. blah

dress: Ross, jacket: Thrifted (Gap), wedges: Dollhouse, belt: DC

I curled my hair this morning, it looked pretty good, until I step outside. My hair went from curly to straight, and now it looks kinda wavy. So I did what I know best.. I just put it up.
I rather just not think about how I spend few minutes of my day to curl my hair and just like that have to put it up in a bun..yup I rather not think about it. What a waste! sad face.
In the other hand, I am very happy to tell you, I wore this white dress and it stay pretty white the entire day.. I was proud of myself.. and Lilly for that matter. Yay!! Seriously it's a great feeling. It means two things;
1) Lilly is getting older and  she's being more careful with herself by not getting dirty.
2) Lilly is getting older! OMgoshh!!
She had some oreos for snack in some part of the day, all I had to clean was around her mouth and one hand! I am amazed, or maybe I just notice it since I'm actually thinking about it as I tell you. 
Where is time going?? Why does it go by so fast? Well I am glad she is growing nice and healthy though.
I hope you enjoy your weekend ladies, have fun and be safe.

Black Bow

top: Gap, blazer: DC, jeans: 2BW/U, wedges: Dollhouse, bow:? (Hair band)

It's been raining like crazy over here, and tomorrow will probably be the same. So I opted to wear my good 'ol jeans. You can't never go wrong, add a black bow and who knew there was an outfit in the making, then I added the blazer and voilá!
So Lilly and I were sitting in the living room and out of the blue, she reaches up to me, kisses me on the cheek and tells me "Aww cutie, cutie"  as if I was a baby. It felt really nice to be honest with you, she looked so sweet, all I could do after something like that, was kiss her back and hug her super tight, until she said "noff mom, noff" (enough mom, enough) I love my little munchkin.
It's the little things that count I tell you..

Gingham Shirt

top: Lands'end (DC),jeans: 2BW/U, wedges: Report

This is my bad hair day, even though it could be "ok" if I just call it messy bun or I should say lazy bum (since I didn't do anything to it) Anyhow, the wind had its way with my hair in the end.
This outfit reminds me of something a mom would wear, don't ask me why, because I really don't know? Maybe because it's a pretty plain and simple outfit. I don't know.. That's why I wore wedges instead of sandals, I don't want to be a typical mom, if you know what I mean.

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Polka dots

 top: Thrifted, shorts: Express, shoes: Citystreets, belt: Ninewest

This outfit screams 9-5 doesn't it? The shorts make it more casual, but nonetheless it's still a pretty dressy outfit. Seven down and counting girls, I can't believe how easy this challenge is looking for me. Well, I have to wait until I'm in my 15th outfit, maybe by then I will start to come up with some crazy combinations..or maybe I should say with more innovative combinations.

Girls Gone CooCoo..

and I don't mean Coco Chanel..
top: Thrifted, jacket: Gap, scarf: DC, shorts: MOS, wedges: Report
Here we are working it and loving it..
 These ladies are so much fun, we really had a great night!!
 After dinner and a cool/funny/not-so-chick flick
 we became a bit.. SILLY!!  and to end the night..
 we got pulled over by the cutest young COP, for nothing major really..Amy just forgot to turn the lights on..
cutest cop: "You ladies have a good night"
Amy: "Thank you"
All of us: "He was sooo cute!" followed by giggles and laughter.
It's great to have girlfriends, don't you agree?

Happy Father's Day!

Mis amores..
Thanks for being such a great father to our daughter..
Te Amo!

Not really happening

dress: Target (DC), shoes: CityStreet, cardi: NY&CO

This is the only picture I was able to use.. I really like it how it showed on the camera, but I guess I wasn't paying to much attention to it. 
Anyhow, Sabbath was great! The outfit, was also a good choice since black goes with almost everything, I wanted to pair it with some nice open toe heel, although you can't really see that.. I'm sorry I really tried. I took quite few pictures, but I never really check them out.
Anyways, got to hang out with the girls Saturday night and we had a blast. Pictures will soon fallow. 

Flores Rosas

top:Self Made, skirt: DC, sandals: ALDO
I have a confession to make.. I'm not wearing any make up. Well maybe just some lipstick so I wouldn't look too pale. The reason for not putting on make up, is because today was my cleaning day/get ready for tomorrow, I still have to choose what I'll be wearing to church, it's my never ending story, and tomorrow I have to be there extra early. whoopee!
Anyways, there is only one picture of my outfit but, I still wanted to share it with you. Like I mentioned before, I made this top. I asked my husband to take a close up picture of it, so you could see it better.

Anyways, nothing major is happening this weekend, the only thing is that I'm planning on having "girls night out" Saturday night, so we'll see how that goes. 
Enjoy your weekend

ps. I just opened a twitter acct... so add me? I'm a rookie.. 

this is 4/30 btw


  jacket & top: Gap, skirt: Self Made, shoes: Dollhouse, scarf: DC, belt: NY&Co

I had this skirt in mind since yesterday and I wanted to wear it with this belt. I really like the combination, unfortunately these pictures are not doing any justice to my outfit. I hope you can see what I'm talking about. Also the hot pink and cobalt blue is a must this summer for me. Bring on the colors! 

Moving on, you might be wondering who is this "little" girl on the picture above? Well this is Emilce, I had mentioned her before here. Well both of us had to be at church this afternoon to practice (as you can see in the last picture) We are singing few songs for worship, but the one we were working on was Blessed Redeemer by Casting Crowns. It is such a beautiful song. 
Anyways, while taking a singing/potty break, I braided Emilce's hair. It looks pretty cute! To bad I can't do it on myself... Doesn't it look super cute on her? Also adding soft curls on the ends would look even better...
 T O T A L L Y!

Ladies, I hope you are enjoying your 30x30 so far, it's been 4/30 for me and I am loving the experience completely. I guess my closet and my mind needed to mature more on the original meaning of the 30x30 challenge that Kendi, (Entrepreneur and CEO of the 30x30 Challenge.. that's what I say) started, and now it benefits us all (fellow remixers) Tell me you're don't feel in total control of yourself?? I most certainly do. 
How is your experience coming? I really would like to know.