Flower Power

I saw this dress from Modcloth and it reminded me of a dress I got three to four years ago, they're sort of similar. It help me decide what to wear this Saturday to church.
 I also wanted to wear it to match with Lilly's dress. My friend Teri bought it for her, I happen to think it's super cute. Although it does fits her a bit big, but it's ok, that way she will get to use it more as she grows into it.
 The pictures were taken after Lilly's Sabbath school was over, in case you were wondering what is in my background.
dress: DC, shoes: City Streets, cardi: NY&Co
The guy on the wall is totally checking me out.. and yes I am looking down my dress, I was making sure I wasn't showing too much skin...
I enjoyed my Sabbath, until while having lunch in the park Lilly hurt herself in the jungle gym area.. :( She's getting better, thank God it was nothing major! Also, thanks to our friends for the help. 
Later, we had dinner and a movie with friends... dinner was great! and the movie waz zzZZzz...zzz.. uhm.. yeah not so great in my opinion, then again I only watch parts of it and the other parts, I didn't understand the guy's words.. "True Grit". I truly regret we picked that one.. in the other hand there was "Just got with it" -FUNNY( said with british accent) 
Enjoy your Sunday ladies!


veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

both you and your little girl look just adorable!

Virginie's Cinema said...

You girl are SO cute!


Beverly said...

Thank you girls! :)