Shine on Me

 cardi: NY&Co, top: Thrifted (J.Crew), shorts: MOS, shoes: BCBG
Yes.. this is Sam's parking lot, I guess you can tell I love to go there.
Anyhow, my outfit was breezy, my top is loose and it looks wrinkly but I have to say it has become my favorite item in my closet.. Maybe because it's from J.Crew and I had never owned something from there.
However, next time I wear this outfit, I might add a belt to it, I think it'll make the outfit look more complete.


Kelly said...

Girl, you wear heels to Sam's?? Who lifts up your giant containers of hummus, beer and shampoo? Oh, wait, that's what I buy. Maybe you don't need heavy lifting!

Beverly said...

I know.. I don't do it often let me tell you, but whenever my husband comes along, he does all the heavy lifting. Although, a tip on the side.. whenever i go to Lowe's or Home Depot i find it very helpful wearing's like they're magnets for great costumer services. :)