Self Made

top & skirt: Made by me, shoes: Dollhouse, belt: Thrifted
It feels good to be showing you what I've made.. yeah, yeah.. for some of you this might be a piece of cake to sew, but I feel super excited to be able to make my own clothes. Don't get me wrong I love to shop for new styles, what can I say, I am a woman, but knowing I could possibly create my own clothes here and there feels kinda good. Okey feels really good! Is there something you ladies do that make you feel good about yourselves? I would love to hear it.


Mimi said...

Great job! And you look adorable here! I make jewelry and every time I finish a piece, I feel really proud;)

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Meggy said...

I can't believe you made that skirt and top! Amazing!! Love the bright blue skirt.

Meggy from Chasing Davies

Beverly said...

Mimi: i know!! it's a nice feeling no doubt.

Meggy: Thanks, the top fits me a bit tight, but with more practice I might make item. It's much cheaper to make your own clothes, but it does take me a bit of time to finish.

Beverly said...

* with practice i'll make more items.*

Lili said...

Very pretty, congratulations :-D I love your expression in the first picture, you seem to be brimming with excitement, but also something extra. Fierce :-)

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Marie said...

Beverly! You look so adorable! Well done. I've never been able to make my own clothes but have always dreamed of the colors you chose :)

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Beverly said...

Marie, you can start with a simple patter and get yourself in youtube.. you will be surprise. :) I think after you finish your first skirt you'll feel like you can try something new and go for a top..then a dress (i'm still thinking about that one)