Black Bow

top: Gap, blazer: DC, jeans: 2BW/U, wedges: Dollhouse, bow:? (Hair band)

It's been raining like crazy over here, and tomorrow will probably be the same. So I opted to wear my good 'ol jeans. You can't never go wrong, add a black bow and who knew there was an outfit in the making, then I added the blazer and voilá!
So Lilly and I were sitting in the living room and out of the blue, she reaches up to me, kisses me on the cheek and tells me "Aww cutie, cutie"  as if I was a baby. It felt really nice to be honest with you, she looked so sweet, all I could do after something like that, was kiss her back and hug her super tight, until she said "noff mom, noff" (enough mom, enough) I love my little munchkin.
It's the little things that count I tell you..


kris said...

Very sweet story. The added bow makes such a big difference. A bit of elegance, I must say. ; )

Beverly said...

Thank you Kris.

Sarah said...

I love the added bow! So cute!