dress: Mother-in-law made, wedges: Dibba
I love my mother-in-law! I'm pretty sure many feel the same way about yours (or maybe not?) I have to say I love mine. Although, my mother-in-law lives in Mexico and we don't see each other often, the time we're together we make it count. When we visited them, her and I spend most of our time running errands and going into town for no apparent reason. Shopping is every woman's weakness.. I guess you can say, we wear made with the same pattern.  
With that said, my mother-in-law made my dress. I picked the fabric and the style and this is how it turned out. Loving the results by the way. She also gave me a 6 months-crash-course on sewing in one day, but even though I'm a fast learner, it is until now that I'm putting those lesson's into practice. Slowly but surely though. It's a working progress... gimme-a-little-credit.

I edited these pictures, but I guess they're not wanting to cooperate with me, they look plain and colorless :( 
 Let's see if my next post looks better.

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