30X30 Summer Edition

Here are my picks. I hope to come up with great outfits. I am less stressed about this challenge, maybe because I already completed the winter edition, or maybe because I have a different mind set of the challenge itself. I want to enjoy it this time around, without stressing over what items to combine, or feel like is a burden to complete this challenge.
This time will be more enjoyable and more relax, I am more open minded for sure. I can't wait to see what outfits come out of my closet.
I hope you ladies enjoy your challenge and if you're not doing it this time, enjoy everyone else ideas and new outfits that will be coming out.


Anonymous said...

great choices! i can see a lot of great outfits with these. thanks for the advice and i def. want to try and enjoy, rather than stress this, =P

kimchi girl

Love at First Shoe said...

I found your blog on EBEW. Can't to see all of your remixes!

Beverly said...

Anytime girl!! Hope you enjoy it as well. :)

Raj Thandhi said...

I really like your dress choices, black and white, great idea! Looking forward to seeing how you re-mix your choices.
Hopefully you'll have fun with the challenge:)