Girls Gone CooCoo..

and I don't mean Coco Chanel..
top: Thrifted, jacket: Gap, scarf: DC, shorts: MOS, wedges: Report
Here we are working it and loving it..
 These ladies are so much fun, we really had a great night!!
 After dinner and a cool/funny/not-so-chick flick
 we became a bit.. SILLY!!  and to end the night..
 we got pulled over by the cutest young COP, for nothing major really..Amy just forgot to turn the lights on..
cutest cop: "You ladies have a good night"
Amy: "Thank you"
All of us: "He was sooo cute!" followed by giggles and laughter.
It's great to have girlfriends, don't you agree?


Anonymous said...

You look amazing. Your top is incredible! Sounds like a great time.

rebecca said...

These pictures are so cute! And I love your necklace.


Anonymous said...

I wish I had so many gorgeous girlfriends to hang out with. Love the way you wear the scarf.