MOS No More

jacket & top: Thrifted (Gap), pants: Street (MOS), shoes: Dollhouse, belt& scarf: DC
I've told you before about this middle of nowhere store or as I would like to call it "MOS". It should be more like MONMS, but MOS for shorter.
Well, that's where I found these wide legged jeans. At fist I was hesitant to purchase them, since as you can tell are a bit TOO long.. but I talked my self into buying them (a while back), since I wanted to look taller than my 5'4 self.  Anyways, I have not seen the owner at the store, nor have I seen the store open in a long time. At first I thought maybe he went on vacation, or maybe his kids were sick. The reason I thought of vacations was because all of the stuff are still there in the store, I glance at them every time I pass by, and why I thought one of his kids being sick? Well because he would always have them in the store with him, they would be playing around in the store and Lilly would some times play with them, for a little bit, while I look for some more cute items on display. Needless to say, it's been months since I seen him.
Well whatever the reason for this unfortunate situation is, I hope he's ok.
Anyhow, here you have the story of where I got these pants from. My MOS store...or I should say my MONMS no more store. 


design girl said...

ooo... I need a MOS to go to to get pants like those! They are the perfect cover-your-shoe-elongate-your-leg length! Great look!

Style in General

Virginie's Cinema said...

Wow, fabulous purchase! These pants look amazing on you! I adore the whole outfit and your pictures are gorgeous (your so good at posing)!

Love your blog!

Virginie ♥