Sweet Lady

top: Gap, belt: NY&Co, pants: Ann Taylor ,shoes: BCBG
So you know where I am.. enough said. It was a quick run though. I'm wearing the same heels I wore last time I was here.. I do own a lot more pairs of shoes, but I like how the pants fit me with these shoes.
A random lady ask me "where do you buy your clothes? You look so pretty" "Aw.. thank you mam"
 She totally made my day.
Stay cool ladies.. literally. It's ridiculously hot down here in MS. I'm about to change into my husbands undershirt, short and call it an outfit. 
Staying indoors ladies.


Marie said...

You look so chic! That lady who said you looked great wasn't kidding :) Way to look awesome for all occasions, even the less exciting ones!

So What If I Like Pretty Things

Beverly said...

aww thank you Marie!