Lauren Conrad Dress

 I got this Lauren Conrad dress from "DC" (Dirt Cheap), but I had to fix the zipper, which was no big deal. I finally decided to do it, since I got the dress more than three weeks ago. Anyhow, here you have it.
 jacket: Gap, dress, hat & converse: DC, 
 This combination was definitely not my first choice, but somehow it's starting to grow on me. I'm not to much into the "converse look" however, wearing converse can be very comfortable.
The hat is a new addition to my look and I'm totally up to adding new options to my closet. 
Just another try on going outside my box. 
What ya think?

Enjoy your Friday!

I blame the converse! 

Color Mixing

top: Thrifted, cardi:TJ Maxx, shorst: MOS, wedges: Guess, scarf: DC

I totally did a cocktail of colors here, HA!
However, I feel like a million bucks wearing this outfit.

Gold Leaf Brooch

 top: Thrifted, blazer: Chadwick (DC), skirt: Old Navy, belt& shoes: Gifted (Mom) 

I have seen a lot of gold everywhere; in different blogs and in the real world. As I was looking for key pieces in one of my favorite thrift stores, I found this golden leaf brooch. I wasn't as lucky as Flor from Lipstick & Stockings, who found many golden accessories. I really liked the Timex golden watch she got, maybe I need to move to California to find some awesome stuff. Anyways, I am happy with my find, don't get me wrong. It will be perfect for fall. wink.
Have you found some cute stuff in your favorite thrift store lately? 

Green Scarf

top: Gap, pants: Express, vest:MOS, wedges: BCBG, scarf: Gifted 

I am wordless today.. I have no idea on what to say to you guys, only that I like my scarf. I've been sick since last week and even though it's getting better I still feel like poop.. I just hope I feel better for the weekend, since we're going out of town and it's Lilly's birthday on Sunday. I have my fingers crossed. 

Not Ready

top: DC, jeans: 2BW/U,wedges: Report, belt: Thrifted

It has been a while since my last post and for that I apologize. I missed you guys, it stinks not having my laptop working but, I am glad to be back to the blog world. 
I wore this outfit last week, when my husband's family came to visit for the weekend. We went to the movies and had a carne asada to end our mini-family reunion. The whole weekend was great and the food was delicious (since they cooked for us) happy face.
Enjoy your week ladies.

ps. I title this post "Not Ready" because as you can tell I was not ready for my photo shoot, while my photographer snapped away...well for the most part.


 top: Thrifted, jeans: 2B/WU, wedges: BCBG

Yup it really is the best burger in the burger world and the fries are soooo good!
it's not that I'm advertising for FIVE GUYS nor will I get a discount for telling you what an awesome burger joint that is.. (although it would be nice if I did get a coupon/discount/freefriesforlife)
We've been there few times now, is now my dad's favorite fast food place! Well is mine too.
Enjoy your Friday ladies!

About a Gift

 top: Thrifted (ana), skirt: Self Made, belt: NY&Co, shoes: Gifted (Nicki M)
I got this top last month, I wore it twice already but, since I had not taken a picture of it and shared it with you until today, we could say the other times didn't count.
If you look super close you could actually see through my entire outfit, the fabric of both items is super thin and with this weather I won't complain! (98F)
Also I have to say that when my friend Nicki gave me these lovely brown heels, I was preggis with Lilly Nicole... after looking in my treasure box I found this picture.

dress: Motherhood (08), shoes: Gifted (Nicki M: Nine West)

I think I need to wear them more often now, what do you think?

Wedge out

 top: Self Made, cardigan: TJ Maxx, shorts: Thrifted (Issac Mizrahi for Target),  wedges:BCBG

I realized that my last post were I mention my new wedges, I would've taken a close up of them so you could actually see them. Anyhow, here they are! My new favorite pair of wedges.
I did a bit of thrifting recently and I found few stuff that I will eventually show. I did however wanted to wear these white shorts out, since the weather is pretty much perfect.

Anyways, I have a confession to make...
 Saturday while trying to decide what to wear to church I found myself saying these lovely words..
"I need to do another 30x30.. because I have no idea what to wear!!
please tell me you've said the same words??