Cookie Monster

 top&belt: Thrifted, blazer&skirt: DC, sandals: CityStreet

This is what I did right after church, I stuffed myself with cookies.. I was super hungry! 
My friend Veronica brought some cookies for dessert for our Sabbath picnic in the park, so I snatched some cookies from her and ate them(oatmeal and rains cookies) on the way there.
I had a great Sabbath with friends and family...
 Also it's our 5th year Anniversary!

May God be the center of our marriage 

Color Crush

images via InStyle and Karla's Closet

Totally crushing on this mustard-yellow color... 
I want to wear Eva's dress!!!


 My Monday was very busy and wet.. it has been raining on and off making the weather unbearable. However, here I am wearing blue jeans and my new wedges.
 top: Gifted (mom), jeans: Levi, wedges: BCBG
 Let me tell you the story of how I got them.. well, I have not yet gone shopping for any new stuff (except for the shoes I'm telling you about) I had been eyeing these jewels for some time now and since I was taking the challenge  I couldn't spend my money plus I felt they were a bit over my price range for yet another pair of wedges. 
I received a mysterious 40 bucks from someone (??) and my first thought was..well second thought was I'll get my wedges. Happy Face.
First thought was; is this a donation for my blog from a mysterious follower? I really think so, because of my second thought. So now you know how I got my precious wedges.

I guess now I can say "I had my first Sponsor".

Healthy is better

cardi: TJ Maxx, top&belt:Thrifted, pants: DC(Land'send), sandals: GUESS

I'm enjoying my hair cut, it feels great! I know I wanted to have let my hair grow but, having it look healthier makes me feel even better. I know my hair will grow eventually so I'm not too sad about the cut.

My dad is visiting for a few days, it feels good to have him here. My mom will join us soon, she's currently visiting my grandparents (her parents) for a bit, so I'm looking forward to seeing her too. Lilly is super happy. She just keeps crowding my dad and calling out for him ALL THE TIME...
"papaw papaw" and he loves it!

So I cut my hair.

dress: Ross, cardi: Target, sandals: ALDO
I finally decided to cut my hair, well I only cut the damaged ends. As you can see it's a lot shorter now and even though it has no "style" I really like the look.. and the feel. Great for summer weather.
Anyways, I know I have not been posting recently but, few stuff have been going on in my personal life which has consumed me entirely. I am still here though, life will go on... 
Just have to take life by the horns.

The Lake

Love it.. Perfect Day

Perfect Day

top & pants: Gap, cardi: TJ Maxx, shoes: DC, belt: Thrifted
How a slightly different angle can change the lighting on my photograph.. The color of my clothes are better appreciated with less light.
Anyways, it has been a cloudy-sunny-rainy-sunny-windy day today, but even with all of it's weirdness the temperature was perfect! Super perfect we had to go to the lake.. and spend it there the rest of the day, kayaking, eating and more kayaking. Will post pictures of it shortly.
Love spending time with family.

13-30/30 Recap (Summer Edition2)


Happy to say my summer edition of the 30 for 30 is completed!!
Yay... who knew that I would be finishing my challenge for the second time and be totally up for the next one.
I've truly enjoyed putting thirty outfits together and shared them with you. I've learned some new ways to appreciate what I own, I know I have said this before but the more I mention it the more it sinks in. I hope you all have also enjoyed this 30x30 and have learn something new from taking the 30x30 challenge besides from saving some cash for thirty days.


 top: Gap, blazer: DC, shorts: MOS, shoes: CityStreet
My husband told me my outfit looked ok.. definitely not one of his favorites, well I guess I have to agree with him, but I do like the shorts with heels combo. 
I have been looking at a few sites for ideas on a haircut, since I need one soon. Unfortunately I have not found one that I really like yet, and I don't want to settle for one just because I want to cut my hair (I hope that makes sense) I honestly want to let it grow, but the ends are not look pretty... so either I decide on a style soon or maybe just have it trim.
We'll see.


 Jacket: Thrifted (Gap), top: Ross, pants: MOS, wedges: Dollhouse, belt: ESPRIT

This is my nautical look, I should've added a red somewhere but unfortunately I have no accessories in red. However, with or without red I love this outfit.
Looking at this pictures seems as though the day was nice and sunny, well don't be fooled. It rained, and it will continue to rain for a few days (according to
In the other hand, the weekend is here and we get to spend some time with family and friends.
  Oh! how I love the weekends.. specially Sabbath!!
Enjoy your weekend ladies.

Another Show Off

top: Self Made, shorts: Express, wedges: Dollhouse, headband: DC
In my last post, I mentioned to you that I made my blue skirt. Well today I wanted to share my top which I also made. I have not started a new project yet, but I will once the challenge is over. I think I want to buy fabric instead of clothes...Well.. actually I will sew a couple of things... I'm really looking forward to buying new clothes and add some key pieces to my closet.
 Have you already thought of some specific items to buy for your next shopping spree? If so, I would like to know. 

PS. I want to give credit to YouTube and this girl, because of her my top was created (even though my top was supposed to be a dress)

Rain Drops

 top:?, skirt: Self Made, sandals: CityStreet
Ok this outfit was not planned at all (because some are).. what had happen wus.. I had picked an outfit this morning that was actually pretty casual. Since my pink skirt has been seating quietly in my closet lately, I decided to pair it with another item today. 
I went about my business and "motherly duties" as the day progressed, everything seem to be fine until it started to rain... started to pour just as I was leaving wally world (ugh..) yup I got super wet and I had to change once I got home. However, even though I was bummed that I killed an outfit, this other outfit just jump out at me. It wasn't my first choice but, I can't complain, since I made this blue skirt I have to show it off.. right??

ps. I'm getting sick.. sore/itchy throat and at times my voice sounds kinda lower.. yup I sound like a teen hitting puberty. smiley face.

Day to Night

 dress: DC, top: Walmart, sandals: ALDO, belt: Thrifted, flower: Lilly's 
 sacarf: ?, sandals: Paprika (Experimenting with my belt) Take One..
 Take Two..
VBS has been going on this week like I mention here before and thankfully it has been great. We all have enjoyed it so far.  I have been wanting to wear this outfit for a while, well both outfits actually. I've had them in mind since last week and with the challenge almost to its end, I figure if this was going to happen it needed to be today, so here you have my two outfits.. I've been wondering if each would count as an outfit and therefore be 25 and 26, but... I will let it be my number 25 of 30. 
I decided to show you how I turned my outfit from day to night. As you probably already realized I'm a denim lover, so naturally to make my outfit "casual" denim had to be present. 
For the dressy look, I decided to just add a scarf, something that could be taken off easily since the heat is insane! 
Happy with both results.