top: ?, shorts: MOS, shoes: CityStreet

I'm enjoying my weekend.. yeah I know it's a bit early, but I have a good feeling about this weekend.
 No, I don't have anything planned as of now, only that on Sunday we need to be in church to set up for VBS ( Vacation Bible School) Looking forward to it.
 I just came in from the pool, ate a pizza and put Lilly Nicole to nap.. can it get any better?? ok maybe if I took a nap too.. that would be even better! However, that won't happen since I'm playing around with far so good. 
Enjoy your weekend ladies!

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designgirl said...

Those shorts and heels make your legs look a mile long! Awesome look on you! I would wear short shorts and heels all time if I was you (and had fab legs to boot...but I don't...not that I am jealous or anything...ok, maybe just a little... am I still writing?...) :)

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