Over the Weekend!

top: Lands'end, shorts: Express, shoes: Report, belt: DC

I have few words for this weekend, not because I had nothing to do, but because it was full of excitement.  The weather was a bit harsh at noon for the most part, but it got better as the weekend progressed.
 I had a great time with family and friends. We played in the pool, ate, jump in the trampoline, ate some more, played again..ate again.. well mostly ate..  I just can help my self, ever time we go to Teri's she always cooks the best food ever!!!! (I really need to start working out -random thought) 
Who can blame me if I love her food?! right?? to top it off her husband makes the best apple pie EVER!!!!! OMGoodness.. I need to stop thinking about food right now.Stop.

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veg4life said...

I like that outfit. cute! i just had apple pie a couple weeks ago in the mts in Cali. it was so fresh and goooood! mmmm...there's nothing like a good apple pie when u havent had one in forever