Perfect Day

top & pants: Gap, cardi: TJ Maxx, shoes: DC, belt: Thrifted
How a slightly different angle can change the lighting on my photograph.. The color of my clothes are better appreciated with less light.
Anyways, it has been a cloudy-sunny-rainy-sunny-windy day today, but even with all of it's weirdness the temperature was perfect! Super perfect we had to go to the lake.. and spend it there the rest of the day, kayaking, eating and more kayaking. Will post pictures of it shortly.
Love spending time with family.



i love the colour of your cardigan;)
kiss from prague
you can check my blog too if you find some time:)
have a wonderful day

designgirl said...

Such a cute look! It has just the right combination of color and pattern. It really was a "perfect" day. ;)

Style in General

Frances Joy said...

I love this look! So effortlessly put together and chic. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Beverly said...

Thank you girls, I have not gone shopping yet after the challenge, but i want to.. so I just put this outfit together and it was effortless. :D