Day to Night

 dress: DC, top: Walmart, sandals: ALDO, belt: Thrifted, flower: Lilly's 
 sacarf: ?, sandals: Paprika (Experimenting with my belt) Take One..
 Take Two..
VBS has been going on this week like I mention here before and thankfully it has been great. We all have enjoyed it so far.  I have been wanting to wear this outfit for a while, well both outfits actually. I've had them in mind since last week and with the challenge almost to its end, I figure if this was going to happen it needed to be today, so here you have my two outfits.. I've been wondering if each would count as an outfit and therefore be 25 and 26, but... I will let it be my number 25 of 30. 
I decided to show you how I turned my outfit from day to night. As you probably already realized I'm a denim lover, so naturally to make my outfit "casual" denim had to be present. 
For the dressy look, I decided to just add a scarf, something that could be taken off easily since the heat is insane! 
Happy with both results.


two birds said...

i love it. it looks so cute both ways...i especially love the day look. mainly cause i love tied up denim shirts!!

veg4life said...

Love it with the belt and jean jacket...not sure about the flower...but ur still rockin it Bevs