Happy to say my summer edition of the 30 for 30 is completed!!
Yay... who knew that I would be finishing my challenge for the second time and be totally up for the next one.
I've truly enjoyed putting thirty outfits together and shared them with you. I've learned some new ways to appreciate what I own, I know I have said this before but the more I mention it the more it sinks in. I hope you all have also enjoyed this 30x30 and have learn something new from taking the 30x30 challenge besides from saving some cash for thirty days.


designgirl said...

Congrats! It is an awesome feeling to get through the challenge! And I heart that teal belt. So cute!

Style in General

Beverly said...

Thank you! I really do feel great finishing for the second time around. I did have the urge to go shopping right away, but I have not yet.. I will think carefully about what I will buy.... maybe. :)