Healthy is better

cardi: TJ Maxx, top&belt:Thrifted, pants: DC(Land'send), sandals: GUESS

I'm enjoying my hair cut, it feels great! I know I wanted to have let my hair grow but, having it look healthier makes me feel even better. I know my hair will grow eventually so I'm not too sad about the cut.

My dad is visiting for a few days, it feels good to have him here. My mom will join us soon, she's currently visiting my grandparents (her parents) for a bit, so I'm looking forward to seeing her too. Lilly is super happy. She just keeps crowding my dad and calling out for him ALL THE TIME...
"papaw papaw" and he loves it!


Anonymous said...

Looks great and very healthy! I need a cut and style desperately.


you look lovely in the nee haircut!
have a wonderful day
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designgirl said...

Hair is fab. The cut looks great on you! And the outfit is unexpectedly awesome...those colors are workin' but I would have never have thought they would. You outfit is officially on the "to do" list! :)

Style in General

veg4life said...

LOVE the braided belt. I haven't found a cute one yet. They are super cute