Married Young

First Anniversary 
7th Anniversary 
So I'm super late with this post, but life has been a bit crazy lately.. Anyhow, here it is.
A friend of mine, posted on his wall an article/post from Addie over at Addie Zierman, titled For the One Who Married Young. I have to say, it brought back so many good.. and not so good memories.
 My husband and I had our seven year anniversary this past July, and without a doubt has been one of our best years. I pray that this new year will be even better!
 Thank you my love for helping me achieve one of my many goals this year, I'm grateful to God for putting you in my life. Te amo!

Here are some quotes I liked from the post I mentioned. I enjoyed it, and I hope you do too.

"When you marry young, you’ll change and he’ll change, and in the midst of all of this growth you’ll realize that you can’t change each other. There will be moments and days and seasons that are really hard. And you’ll be tempted to think it’s because you got married young, but really, it’s just because you got married."

 "’ll have to work hard for this love. You will have to fight for it." - Addie Zierman

Happy 5th Birthday!

 New Born
 5 year old!
GA Aquarium
 Image: my iPhone 

We took a pre-weekend birthday getaway to Georgia to visit friends, but Lilly's best experience was at the Aquarium, she truly enjoyed it. The dolphin's tales show was so awesome, the way the dolphins are is amazing.
Lilly can't believe she is five... can't believe she is five!!! I feel she is growing so fast, and it saddens me how fast time goes. However, I am grateful she is growing and also thankful to God for giving her another year. I love this little bundle of joy, my little one full of energy!
We're having a "dolphin theme" party!! Wonder why? :)

Happy Birthday Lilly Nicole!!


 tray:Target (via DC)

I got this tray for less than two dollars at DC when I was still in school few months back. As soon as I saw it, not only did the price got my attention but, I knew what I wanted to do.. unfortunately with all of what school involves; studying, exams, late nights etc.. etc.. I hadn't had the time to do anything with it until recently. 
So, here you have it! 
The paper I used is actually cabinet paper liner! this is a super cute and cheap way to upgrade a decorating piece!