dress: Target, blazer: Victoria's Secret (Thrifted), shoes: Guess
I have enjoyed the holidays, so far so good. It feels like I could keep on "partying" but it can only be for so long.. well just until Friday, since we're going to LA (Louisiana) for New Years. It should be fun!
I think that's it for right now... I don't want to keep writing and deleting stuff, just 'cus I have nothing better to say.. so 'til next time ladies.

Christmas Fever

 blazer: Thrifted, skirt: Forever21, shoes: Guess
First off, I want to say.. I missed y'all!
 A lot has happen.. so much that I turned 28! yup.. I'm old.. but I still feel pretty young. I guess that counts for something huh? I have to say some ladies were asking me if I've turned 24?.."umm, why yes I did!" -and next year I will turn 24 and a half.- 
Enjoy your Friday