Pics by the Hubs..

What are you doing??!!...
I wasn't looking.. 
Whaa?!  I'm not ready! Can you wait... please?
ok I'm ready!!

 This is how it usually happens.. after bunch of takes..
 I know one will come out blog worthy.
Thank you my love, 
I know I drive you crazy.
It's all for the sake of EMPHASIS


dress: eci, sandals: Style&Co

Is there a time when you have bought something new and can't wait to wear it?!
 I feel like that every time I buy something, no matter for how small it might be, I normally want to wear it asap. However, that was not the case with this particular dress. This dress has literally been hanging in my closet for almost.. well in two months it will be a year.
 I guess I just didn't feel too attracted to it.. I would've never thought I'd say that.
 Anyways, I finally put it on, and I felt good in it.. 
not awesome... 
 I guess it was alright..
Don't judge me.. 

Shades of Blue

jacket: GAP, skirt: Apt9, wedges: BCBG
Lilly's favorite dress.. she loves it!
dress: Gifted (Teri), sandals: Target 

Shades of blue and a dot of pink I would say. Lilly likes to pose with me. 
 However, lately she's been wanting to hold the camera or the remote, either way she wants to be in control of the picture taking.
 I think she gets that from her dad... that being in control thingy.
Or perhaps she gets that from me..
 we'll never know :)

Blue Stripes

dress: DC, cardi: borrowed (Mom), sandals: Aldo

Happy for this weekend, however my face will be stuck to a book and notes the entire time, do to next week being "finals" week...
In another note, I really like this summer dress, even if it might be a while for me to wear this dress again.. The weather here in MS is crazy.. like one of my friends said " if you didn't like the weather here in MS, come back tomorrow!" totally changes in less than 24 hrs! 
Anyhow, back to reviewing some important stuff.
Thank God is Friday!!

Free Time

top: Old Navy, shorts: ?, wedges: Ross
top:Fashion Metro, jeans: Rue 21, sandals, TJ Max

The time between lecture, is the best time for picture taking. I'm glad we're getting closer to out "summer break" much needed for recharging batteries... and sleeping in... but for now, back to studying..
Enjoy your day friends