New Stuff

 top: Gifted (mom), skirt: Thrifted (Old navy), belt: nine west, shoes: Steve Madden, trench: Talie (Ross)

I'm finally able to post something of what I recently purchase and I managed to wear almost everything new on my outfit..(everything except for the top and belt).. I think it all went well together. I know I already have red shoes but, I just loved these.. one can't have enough shoes either. The only thing is I need to wear these often because I almost fell today..(as shown on the picture above) so I need to get use to walking in them.
so far my Sabbath has been great, a bit windy but it's better than rain, now we're just gonna relax and watch a move later on "The Other Guys". 
Enjoy your weekend ladies.

I Wish.. I Heart!

Images from Zara and Jimmy Choo

Marble Ice cream

dress: Gifted (Beca), shoes: Report (Ross), cardi: NY&Co

So my girlfriends left and went back home to LA, but before they left we spend most of our Sunday shopping, walking around, but we took time for a little marble slab ice cream at the end of our busy day.
Saturday night we went to do a little shopping and got some dinner, the pictures didn't look all that good so, you just have to take my word for it. I will soon post the stuff I've gotten my first time shopping after a long while. I love shopping, I'm sure you guys too :)

Good Times

top: Thrifted and tailored, skirt: Old Navy, belt: Nine West, shoes: Guess, glasses: Ross
So Beca finally made it! I'm super glad she could come.. her and Jessica!! :)
It feels good to have girlfriends that make a trip to spend few days with me...
I feel young again..not that I'm old but,when Beca is around I feel like a high-schooler all over again.
our silliness shines thru and we can't stop...
so we laugh and laugh.. 
 I have no idea what was going on here, but all I can say is I wish time could stay still..
Thanks girls for coming up to visit me. Love ya!

Al Fin

dress: Ross, shoes/belt: Gifted [mom] (Kenneth Cole)

I can't believe I finally finished the challenge!! I am DONE!!!! you can see this is my last outfit for the 30x30 winter edition. I know it took me a little bit, but hey! it's better late than never.
 So here it is and I'm ending it with my favorite dress.
Anyways, moving on... I'm excited about this weekend coming up, one of my best friends (Beca) from back in the day is coming to visit me. She couldn't have picked a better weekend! We can go SHOPPING! 
Plus I get to have some free time for me, myself and my friend, since I really much need it.
This week has been a very hectic and crazy week(i know it's only Tuesday)..well kindda... I really just want to have fun and most importantly I want to welcome the rest of my clothes back in my closet where IT BELONGS!!! 
So are you happy to be done with your challenge too? or Am I the only one??

Almost There!

top: Gifted (mom NY&Co), vest: MOS, jeans: Almost Famous, shoes: Guess, glasses: Ross

Super liking this outfit!! I definitely will wear it again, like for a night in the town, girls night out (Beca is coming to visit me next weekend yay!) or just to a cafe place.
Anyhow I'm sleepy and tire..we're at Teri's place (my favorite place in MS) and I need to help her in the kitchen, so enjoy your afternoon my lovelies.. because I'm planning to. not here yet and I don't even want to think about it, so let me just enjoy every minute of my Sunday or what's left of it.

Favorite Scarf

top: NY&Co, skirt: Express, scarf: : LOFT(gifted mom), shoes:Guess, glasses: Ross, clutch purse: Borrowed (Emilce)

So I don't think you can actually tell but I'm missing the last two buttons in my skirt.. I lost my second one getting into the truck, and we didn't have time to go back and fix it..(you really can't tell..)
 Now on with my outfit, it is not my favorite, but the scarf is. My mom bought it for me and I love it and I love  her too.. I do like the simplicity of the outfit though.
Sabbath was wonderful, the weather was in our favor from the start, after church family and friends had lunch together, and we went for a hike after that. It was a great day overall. 
My friend Emilce took my pictures today, I love how she likes to try different places and poses for me. Also she always has the cutes clothes on.. I wish she was my size...actually I wish I was HER sizes.

Here's a picture of her.. 
Emilce..the future MD
You can't really see her outfits, maybe next time I will try to snap some pictures of her and her outfit.
Well my lovelies, it's Saturday night and I'm blogging here..I think a shower and a movie sounds pretty good right now.. so let me just say.. Keep enjoying your weekend because I will.
Much Love..

My Age

top: TJ Maxx, scarf/belt: Gifted (mom), blazer: MOS, trousers: Express, shoes: Steve Madden

Sorry for delaying my post.. I guess I don't want to finish this challenge..HA! yeah right!!! 
But I'm almost there. Yay for me!!! 
It's been getting colder lately so I'm thinking on wearing leggings for the last few days of this thing.. and since the weekend is coming, it will make my last three days run it seems..
Enjoy your Friday my lovelies.. it's getting late and I hear my bed pleading I come lay on it...
I shall listen and go..


top: MOS, blazer/jeans/belt: DC, shoes: Steve Madden, glasses: Ross

So I'm copying this look from Amy of Stylish Year, she looks very pretty and chic. Since I didn't have the long black cardigan, I picked my purple blazer and added the belt.. I know it's not the exact same look but she was my inspiration and I wanted to give her credit for it.
Also my glasses are inspired by Veronika from Tick Tock Vintage, (yes I'm copying her too) although her glasses are vintage and mine are from Ross, I still aimed for similarity between them.
There you have it my lovelies.. my copy paste look.. I'm sure there will be many more to come, because if I like a look and it goes with me I will copy my own way that is.
Are you a copy cat too??...
  In essence we're all copy cats in the end.

In love..

top: Thrifted (Calvin Klein), scarf: Stolen (from Dad), jeans/ jacket: Ross (Almost Famous) shoes: Steve Madden

Absolutely in love with my outfit! The End.
Enjoy your week my lovelies.

Image 609

Mexico Lindo

top: Gifted (mom), trousers: Express, shoes: Guess, belt: Thrifted, scarf: Gifted (aunt)

This weather is crazy but I'm ok with it.. I did say that I wanted cold weather again, so I could finish my 30x30 winter edition..  30x30 in a nutshell, basically wearing 30 items of clothing for 30 days including shoes and not adding any other item, nor buying anything for 30 days.
 It's basically your 30 items, closet and a lot of creativity to come up with outfits for a month.
It also makes you save some extra cash.
The scarf that I'm wearing is from Mexico, my aunt Elsa Maria send it to me and I love it! It's purple and warm.. as you can see, it was pretty windy, so the warm scarf was a perfect pick.
 This outfit is definitely becoming to be in my top ten.