Mexico Lindo

top: Gifted (mom), trousers: Express, shoes: Guess, belt: Thrifted, scarf: Gifted (aunt)

This weather is crazy but I'm ok with it.. I did say that I wanted cold weather again, so I could finish my 30x30 winter edition..  30x30 in a nutshell, basically wearing 30 items of clothing for 30 days including shoes and not adding any other item, nor buying anything for 30 days.
 It's basically your 30 items, closet and a lot of creativity to come up with outfits for a month.
It also makes you save some extra cash.
The scarf that I'm wearing is from Mexico, my aunt Elsa Maria send it to me and I love it! It's purple and warm.. as you can see, it was pretty windy, so the warm scarf was a perfect pick.
 This outfit is definitely becoming to be in my top ten.


Mimi said...

Que Linda!! I don't speak spanish, but yes, you look beautiful and the scarf from Mexico is pretty unique...very cool styling;)

Aesthetic Lounge

Jess said...

I love how you wore your scarf! Very chic!

Ayan said...

love what you did with the scarf! looks like a top. i have a similar scarf and will definitely thy this!
lots of love, ayan