Christmas Break and Update

Getting ready for Christmas isn't always fun, but I long for the family time and the time off school..
It's been a while since I've been here, well I have been on blogger but, mostly to check on other bloggers. I have to update you guys on what's going on in my life..I'll be "short and sweet".

  I got in the Nursing programs and life change big time for us, I got accepted in another town so I had to moved close to school. I was willing to commute but, we decided to just move and visit my husband on the weekends.
School is fun, I enjoy it very much. My life is school, books, coffee, study, and more study. Also, my mom is taking care of Lilly so we're are covered.  It's a big change for us but...

So, I've always wanted nothing more than to become a nurse so, I'm going for my dream..that's the only way it will come true. 
What else? Well I'm off for Christmas break and  I decided to post something on EMPHASIS
I'm have to get ready becuase Lilly wants to go to the library, but I'll leave you guys with this "outfit" post.
You might not see much of what I'm wearing but here it is.
It feels good writing here again..

dress: DC, blazer: Thirfted, 

Shiny Face

Image via: E bay

I bought this package a couple of weeks ago and been meaning to share how pleased I am with it.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to purchase it because I thought was a bit pricey but, let me just say that I'm glad decided to get it.. better late than never. This product makes my skin feel so fresh and shiny, I was so happy about it, I made my husband use it (well he only tried it once), he liked it too, but I guessed his manliness is bigger than his desire to wash his face with ProX. He says the shower does the job for him.
Anyways, just wanted to share this product with you, I got it at Sam's club but, you can find it in most places.
Take care of the biggest organ in your body,
Your SKIN!


Image via Girl with Curves

top: DC, skirt & jacket: Thrifted, wedges: Gifted

I've had this outfit in mind since I saw it on Tanesha a while back, I know I've copied her style before, needless to say she has the best taste. I think she's my girl crush right now, along with a new find Rachel from Pink Peonies this is another girl who tries new things and I would probably copy few of her outfits as well. Check them both and see for yourself.


 dress & espadrilles: Gifted (mom)
 There was a trend going on in the blog world like a week or so ago.. maybe less, about this Nautical theme and I though this dress went along with that. I got this outfit for mother's day from my mother. I like the style of the dress and the fabric is quite nice for the summer season. Also, the dress could be worn with flats, saddles and of course wedges. Just a great pick for my multi-functional wardrobe.

Black And White

The inspiration started with Kris from A Thrifty LA Life and also from the white and black Channel collection...
dress: Dress Barn  shoes: Chinese Laundry

Wow.. so I've been looking to post lately and I came into this draft, so I decided to share it with you.
 I probably took it mm.. more than nine months ago, give or take. I since then cut and dyed my hair.. and gained some weight...the story of my life.

A Walk to Remember

 My lovelies..

Picture Taken by: Lilly N.

One day in Gulfport, the day was great to be at the beach, unfortunately the way the water looked ...humm how can I say it in the most simple way.. the water looked NASTY!! that's pretty simple.
Regardless of how the water actually looked, I enjoyed the time and the moments we had while being there. It was a one day thing but it was very much needed.. life is not going my way right now, so I will enjoy moments that I can get, even if it's a one day thing. I learn to appreciate these moments more as times passes by.

Little Sunshine

 jacket: Gap, skirt: Target (via DC), shoes: Lands'end 

Weather has been great, perfect to be outside and enjoy time with family.. four wheeler rides, late night swim and mini baseball game.. the possibilities can go on and on... unfortunately the weekend can't go on and on... three days max! 
Thankfully we spend it together and that's what counts.
I love these two.. but my little sunshine full of energy I love her even more!!

My Crazy Little Monkey

Here I am in my zone, taking pictures and just enjoying the nice sunny day. I honestly didn't notice Lilly in my background, as you can see in her little face she was having a good laugh about being in the background without me noticing her. 
 One of her little friends from church came around and started to play with her, I'm sure you can kindda see them behind me.
 blazer: Victoria's Secrete, skirt: Target & Scarf (via DC) shoes: JC Penny
 Until I found out they were eating some "blueberry's", so they said... "look mama blueberry's" unfortunately  weren't!!
Thankfully they didn't get a tummy ache.. 
It feels nice to be back with family and friends, honestly missed them A LOT!

Hair Cut

blazer and skirt: Target, shoes: Chinese Laundry 
There's a lot of things that are going on in my life right now, and it is one of the reason's why I've stop posting on EMPHASIS, but I did miss writing here and taking pictures..
I will be posting  sporadically because I do enjoy blogging. I hope you can understand, I should've told you guys sooner.
Oh yeah this is my new hair cut and color.. it's easy but I kindda regret it.

Heat Wave

 top: DC, jeans: Target, wedges: BCBGeneration
 I took this picture whenever a heat wave hit MS few days a ago.. because today I would be wearing rain boots, notice I the word "would be" wearing some rain boots because, I don't own a pair.... yet.
I truly need a pair, it's becoming to be a need rather than a trend.
Anyhow, that's all for now girls, hope you're enjoying your week and these rainy days that come and go... also rainy nights that make sleeping feel romantic and warm. Don't you agree?