My Crazy Little Monkey

Here I am in my zone, taking pictures and just enjoying the nice sunny day. I honestly didn't notice Lilly in my background, as you can see in her little face she was having a good laugh about being in the background without me noticing her. 
 One of her little friends from church came around and started to play with her, I'm sure you can kindda see them behind me.
 blazer: Victoria's Secrete, skirt: Target & Scarf (via DC) shoes: JC Penny
 Until I found out they were eating some "blueberry's", so they said... "look mama blueberry's" unfortunately  weren't!!
Thankfully they didn't get a tummy ache.. 
It feels nice to be back with family and friends, honestly missed them A LOT!


Ashley J said...

I really like this outfit, very classy!

Beverly said...

Thank you Ashley! :)