30 for 30 Winter Edition

I'm missing my 30th piece, not on purpose though.. I'm just hoping to get a nice pair of dressy shorts or a high-waisted jeans and a long cardigan I saw in the Middle Of nowhere Store. Crossing my fingers until tomorrow when I go and get them! (if they're not gone by then).  I'm super nervous of my picks, I didn't think on any of the outfits that I might put together, I only thought of tops that might go along with some jeans and skirts and few shoes, but anyways here they are and I need to figure what'll wear tomorrow. So here we go! breaking the rules of fashion and playing the remixing game. I love it! Remixing is my way of living.
Much Love,

 PS. I apologize for my poor camera, it was giving me issues, I'm hoping it takes better pictures throughout the challenge.

The Outlaw!

top: Gap, shorts: AE (I made them into shorts), belt: Thrifted, boots: Steve Madden, blazer: MOS

 So here it is.. my attempts to follow Nichole Richie. Oh my! this outfit totally says " Major Rebel" personally. When I put it on, it made me feel kindda awkward because the shorts are totally living up to their name of shorts, but I said I was going to try new things, and this is the year of saying and doing and wearing them is exactly what I'm doing. Let me be honest though, I'm might put them up in my closet for a while, maybe when I get enough courage I will put them on again. That's all for now girls, I have to go and dig thru my closet  to see what'll pick for tomorrow's 30 for 30..Everybody and their grandma is ready with their picks except for me! 
Much Love, 

PS. My outfit was a total attention grabber!  Tell me what ya think about my outfit?


Nicole Richie > Makes me want to try short jeans with leggings and high heels.

   Ana Kendrick > What a nice flowy strapless dress.. definitely a must!

Ginnifer Goodwin > She makes me want to cut my hair super short again and try long dressy shirt with a skinny belt.

Mandy Moore> The classic little black dress pair with a red lipstick and matching red pumps. Love it!

I will make it my aim to try all these four looks in the following days, not necessarily in that order. I will stay true to me and these four inspirations above. I do have to included them in the 30 for 30 challenge that will be starting this Tuesday! I'm super excited since Kendi was my inspiration to start blogging, along with my childhood friend Lynneth S. (anonymously inspiration). I hope you guys join in the challenge too and share your innovative ideas with your unique style.
Much Love, 

Let me know which of these four outfits you like the most?


top: NY&CO, shorts: Express, shoes: Gifted (Mom), belt: Thrifted, sweater: TJ Maxx, hair flower: Mall

So I told you I was going to IMPACT, (a church youth meeting) which I truly enjoyed, our Pastor said just what I needed. The weather was still pretty nice that I decided to wear some shorts. I was very comfortable with this outfit, until it started to get cold, and yes the meeting was in our school gym, so even after they had the heat on, it was getting colder by the minute. Which made me wish I had worn my yellow faux fur coat. But thankfully a nice man and his wife had brought some extra warm blankets to the meeting and they pass them out to most of the girls that were cold (like me),  so now we all were very comfortable.  I hope the weather doesn't intervene between you and the outfit you choose, and even if it does lets embrace the cold while it lasts. 
Much Love,

Thank you Teri for the photos. :)

OJ Spilled

We have such a nice weather today here in Jackson, it's not to cold to have to wear a coat, nor to hot to have to wear sandals (although I love to wear them) and to top it off it's Friday ya'll!!! I guess it's a perfect day. 
 I had a little incident, well more like an accident yesterday with Lilly..she spilled a little bit of her orange juice on my laptop (I KNOW!!) and I wasn't able to use it, let alone post something new on EMPHASIS. Things happen but hey, that's life. My husband came to our rescue and dissected my poor laptop and dry as much of the orange juice as he could. He did an awesome job because now it's working like new...(well you know what I mean). So I'm back in the game! Emphasizing away my outfits!!
 Like I mentioned earlier, the weather is great so I was able to wear this outfit today, I love the color of my skirt with the blue combination of my denim top. I have to do some shopping for the weekend (we're having company on Sabbath lunch) and my brown boots are perfect for on the go type of day.. It gets kindda crazy at Sam's especially on the weekends but I love that store! We also have IMPACT (youth meeting) tonight..(can't wait) and that will be another outfit I will share with you guys! :) 
Enjoy your weekend my lovelies,
Much Love, 

top: Miley Cyrus, (Walmart), skirt: Target (DC), boots: Target (DC), trench: London Fog (Thrifted), scarf: Mary Kay (DC)

My New (to me) Coat

coat: newport news (Thrifted), dress: Kristin Davis (DC),shoes: Guess, belt:Gifted (Mom)

Like my coat?? I love it!! Last week was freezing here in Jackson, and this week has not been that bad..so today I wanted to wear my coat before it got warmer. So I did.
 I love everything about this coat, I love the gray faux fur and the yellow color combination..what can I say..it definitely gets me outside my comfort zone! and I love that too. I found this baby at the good ol' GW two weeks ago and I was hesitant on wearing it, but I've been wanting to wear some "fur" and the price was within my range( $7) yup! that's it. I will probably wear it more often even if it gets warmer..I love the way it made me feel. Oh and my dress..I have to confess that the zipper is actually broken, and I don't know how to fix it...yet. But it goes well with my coat so I had to pair them up. By the way I got the dress at DC for $1 OH YEAH, OH YEAH!.. (that's why the zipper doesn't work. :) Maybe I should name my outfit "dressing on a super low budget", the shoes actually cost me more than everything else. But I'm in love with my pumps, it was definitely love at first sight! because I didn't even see the price tag, until I was paying for them. So I will wear the heck out of them.
 I hope you all are enjoying your week, two more days and again the weekend will be here...I find it hard to believe, I think blogging makes time go by fast, I don't think on the time, but on the outfit I'll wear for the next day, and the next day..and so on. Stay warm lovelies!
Much Love, 


 top: AE (Thrifted), jeans: Levi's (DC),shoes: ? (Ross) jacket: Grace Dane Lewis (DC)

Well I'm a bit late...ok a lot late on posting my outfit today, but I didn't want to miss out on Brenton Stripes day from Everybody,Everywear. Hopefully it counts, I'm sure there's room for a few procrastinators like myself. But I have a really good reason, which is I'm still taking care of my husband. I think the muscle in his shoulders are giving him most of the pain. I pray he feels better soon, life is not the same short handed. Besides that, I didn't do anything special today to be honest. I did clean my house as if I had visitors coming from out of town (which their not), or  if my mother-in-law was coming over (well she's cool, I think I would clean my house more for my mom than my in-laws..."why are Lilly's toys everywhere? and why..etc.. etc.") I think the bathroom took a beating from me today though..
Anyways ladies and gentleman (I do have some men following) sorry for being late, I will try to do better. 
Much Love, 

PS. Mami Te Quiero Mucho! :)

My Lazy Monday

Hey guys! well I know I said to you that Monday three of us stayed in bed taking care of Daddy, well since I was doing everything to make Daddy feel good, the big baby said "I wan to eat some oranges". Luckily we had already order them few weeks ago and a close friend of ours picked them up for me. All I need it to do was to get them from her. Well she was at our church school, so that meant I had to get dressed... So I did.. (after laying in bed for most of my morning) I got up and got dress, I had been browsing through some posts of my fellow bloggers and I had a bunch of ideas on what to wear, (well few ideas, lets not exaggerate) this outfit is the one I chose. So I picked them up, and while I was there it started to rain, but I wanted to take some pictures of my outfit since I had to show you what I had on. I found a dry place in the corner of our church. Ha! some parents were picking up their kids.. haha.. they were probably thinking, "what is she doing in the rain?" while they drove by me and my tripod. Anyways, it was getting cold and socks were not part of my outfit as you can see, so I came home, changed back into my jp's and lay in bed once again. :) 
Much Love, 

top: Thrifted (Calvin Klein), blazer: MOS, jeans: 2BW/U (Ross), shoes: Bakers, belt: Nine West

Ready or Not Here I Come- Monday

top:F21, pants:Paris Blues (Ross) jacket: Motherhood, boots:Steve Madden

  The week is here and I am not ready for it! I wish it was Friday again. But I can't complain, for my weekend was a very relaxing one. I had the longest nap on Saturday afternoon as I mention before, and I was very well rested. 
  Sunday however seem to start off great, we all slept in, and I had this outfit picked out in mind already. I'm a big fan of Jacqueline Kennedy's style.  So when I was pregnant with Lilly who is now 2 years old, I saw this white jacket paired with a black and white dress at Motherhood and I had to have it, since the jacket reminded me of Jacquie K. Luckily the jacket fits good and not loose at all. 
  I snap few pictures of myself, I am not fortunate enough to have a remote yet, nor have my husband take pictures of me whenever nor wherever I want to, but a remote is in my "to own soon" list. The last picture shows you how I was so not ready when the timer when off!!
Anyways, later on the day, my husband had an accident and that messed up his entire day and most of the night.. mine too, although I'm not worried about me. I pray that he feels better soon. So this Monday we're all laying here in bed, taking care of Daddy.
I hope your week starts off better than ours, enjoy your Monday everyone!
Much Love,


 Saturday I had to be in church REALLY early and I again hadn't picked out my outfit the night before! So I was starting to freak out because I still had to get Lilly ready, and get my husbands outfit picked out as well. I really don't have to pick out his outfits, but I do it because that's my way of making sure he matches, his clothes looked "iron" and to make his outfit go with whatever I end up wearing...well sometimes, some Saturdays I don't really care if we match or not, but usually we do. 
  I'm not sure why but that night before I went to bed really late, or better say really early. When I was taking these pics my eyes were about to close on their own. Thankfully I was able to get my husband take some pictures of my outfit right before I changed into my pj's and took the longest nap ever! Honestly I was ready to get into bed, and if you look closely you'll be able to see my raccoon eyes from my lack of sleep.
 In the end I remembered I had bought this top from the Middle Of nowhere Store, I put a classic black skirt on and ta da! My outfit was created.
Stay warm, wherever you may be, it's been super extra incredibly freezing here in MS.
Much Love, 

PS. Lilly was able to get in some pics..more like wanted to be in all the pictures, if she's not in one of these, is 'cus I send her for "something" in her room. LOL  

top:MOS, skirt: Old Navy,shoes:Guess (Ross)belt:gifted (mom)

see what I'm talking about! 

"pee-shurs mami pee-shurs!" (pictures mami pictures)... I love you child of mine!!!!!

Tacos yum yum

 Salsa..soo good!


top: Target, sweater: T.J.MAxx, pants: The Limited,belt:Thrifted Scarf: Mary Kay (DC)

  The weekend  is officially here..Yay! I'm supper happy. My husband and I  decided to eat lunch at a little place around town that serves Mexican food, I've been wanting to eat some tacos for a while now, and today seem to be the day. I'm super thankful for Fridays... *sigh*. Well more like the weekend actually.
  I hope you guys have an awesome weekend as well . It will definitely will be a cold one for us here in MS, but I will try to stay warm. Which reminds me that I have not picked my outfit for Saturday... I can't find anything in my closet that grabs my attention. However, I will try to do my best and come up with something nice.
Much Love