My New (to me) Coat

coat: newport news (Thrifted), dress: Kristin Davis (DC),shoes: Guess, belt:Gifted (Mom)

Like my coat?? I love it!! Last week was freezing here in Jackson, and this week has not been that today I wanted to wear my coat before it got warmer. So I did.
 I love everything about this coat, I love the gray faux fur and the yellow color combination..what can I definitely gets me outside my comfort zone! and I love that too. I found this baby at the good ol' GW two weeks ago and I was hesitant on wearing it, but I've been wanting to wear some "fur" and the price was within my range( $7) yup! that's it. I will probably wear it more often even if it gets warmer..I love the way it made me feel. Oh and my dress..I have to confess that the zipper is actually broken, and I don't know how to fix it...yet. But it goes well with my coat so I had to pair them up. By the way I got the dress at DC for $1 OH YEAH, OH YEAH!.. (that's why the zipper doesn't work. :) Maybe I should name my outfit "dressing on a super low budget", the shoes actually cost me more than everything else. But I'm in love with my pumps, it was definitely love at first sight! because I didn't even see the price tag, until I was paying for them. So I will wear the heck out of them.
 I hope you all are enjoying your week, two more days and again the weekend will be here...I find it hard to believe, I think blogging makes time go by fast, I don't think on the time, but on the outfit I'll wear for the next day, and the next day..and so on. Stay warm lovelies!
Much Love, 

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