A whole new world

Yesterday I had some free time; I mean free time because Lilly was more calm than usual. She usually exercises my patience to the point of exhaustion, I guess she’s my little patience P90X; TOTAL patience confusion. And just like P90X not every day is the same. So I have to say I was grateful for Tuesday. 
            Also I was happy to wear high heels on a weekday. I usually only get to wear them to church on Saturday, but yesterday I did some errands with my hubby, which gave me the chance to dust my ankle boots off and paired them with my distress jeans. I wanted to try this trend a while back, but never got the chance until yesterday. 
To top it off my day, the free time I mention previously I spend it browsing through some fellow bloggers.  Let me just tell you it’s intimidating, once I looked, and looked and kept looking, it made me feel like I had discovered a whole new and different world. But it’s been there, so where have I been?? Why did I not join in it sooner??  I was completely sucked in and I love every feeling that being a blogger offers. Even the times when I don’t have the right words to say, or my sentence don’t make sense, I still want to try it and succeed.  
Needless to say I’m in and I’m excited about it. Here are some blogs I visited. Kendieveryday (of course), Cheetahisthenewblack and “Meet Virginia”. Few more but I suggest you browse at some blogs that catch your attention.
Much love,

jeans: Almost Famous (Ross), blazer: MOS, scarf: stolen (from my dad after his trip to Israel), ankle boots: Steve Madden


adorned with Grace Minerals said...

I know what you mean about discovering the Blog world out there--a lot of great info and ideas! Now I have two of my own although I don't blog as much as I should...

Congrats on your new blog! Enjoyed your posts so far!!! :)

Beverly said...

Thank you much! I'm constantly thinking of new stuff to share, as well as new outfits to wear.. but i guess cuz i'm a newbie to this blog world.