Saturday was cold, but bearable and I had this outfit in mind after looking through Cheetahisthenewblack, I suddenly had a urged to wear something with leopard print on it, so I decided to pair it with my fave pencil skirt. After looking at the whole outfit, I could name it my forever21 outfit. I wish we had a Forever21 store here in MS but, unfortunately the only way to get clothes from them is online shopping. Maybe in the near future we will have the commodity to walk in a Forever21 store and try on clothes like there's no tomorrow.
 Overall it was a great Sabbath.We had a good service at church and after we spend the rest of our day at our friends house.  I hope you've enjoy you weekend. 
Much Love, 

cardigan: Target, top,belt & skirt:Forever21, shoes: Nine West


Rommel said...

GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrr jajajajajjaja

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