top: NY&CO, shorts: Express, shoes: Gifted (Mom), belt: Thrifted, sweater: TJ Maxx, hair flower: Mall

So I told you I was going to IMPACT, (a church youth meeting) which I truly enjoyed, our Pastor said just what I needed. The weather was still pretty nice that I decided to wear some shorts. I was very comfortable with this outfit, until it started to get cold, and yes the meeting was in our school gym, so even after they had the heat on, it was getting colder by the minute. Which made me wish I had worn my yellow faux fur coat. But thankfully a nice man and his wife had brought some extra warm blankets to the meeting and they pass them out to most of the girls that were cold (like me),  so now we all were very comfortable.  I hope the weather doesn't intervene between you and the outfit you choose, and even if it does lets embrace the cold while it lasts. 
Much Love,

Thank you Teri for the photos. :)


Sara K.S. Hanks said...

Lookin' good! Shorts that length are tough to pull off, in my experience, but you incorporated them really well. Glad you enjoyed your church meeting!

Beverly said...

Thank you, I think the length of my shorts is also appropriate for church.