Freezing to death!

Sunday should be the official day to sleep in, wear your pj’s all day long and have your husband bring you breakfast in bed, oh that would be amazing, just imagine every Sunday to have that kind of attention..*sigh*. Unfortunately I could only imagine. Lilly woke up early got into our bed and it was time to get up and make some coffee.  We had plans to go out, but the weather wasn’t gonna let us. So I decided to take some pics and Lilly guessed she had to be in them too.

top: DC, leggings: Ross, boots:Vince Camuto (middle of nowhere store), belt: borrowed from mom. mine now.

I tried the thicker belt and I hubby making us laugh..

Later on we ended up going to spend the rest of our Sunday with friends before it got worse. Hanging out with friends on a cold snowy day warms your soul right up. I am blessed to have great friends.

Much love, 



Rommel said...

Pues tus planes no eran las fotos, pero la verdad me gustaron mucho, mi preferida de este post es Lilly y tu volteando al mismo lado, las dos riéndose jajaja, muy bonita foto.

Beverly said...

Gracias Rommel, espero tomar mejores fotos, aunque no tan buenas como las que tu tomas quiero decirte.