OJ Spilled

We have such a nice weather today here in Jackson, it's not to cold to have to wear a coat, nor to hot to have to wear sandals (although I love to wear them) and to top it off it's Friday ya'll!!! I guess it's a perfect day. 
 I had a little incident, well more like an accident yesterday with Lilly..she spilled a little bit of her orange juice on my laptop (I KNOW!!) and I wasn't able to use it, let alone post something new on EMPHASIS. Things happen but hey, that's life. My husband came to our rescue and dissected my poor laptop and dry as much of the orange juice as he could. He did an awesome job because now it's working like new...(well you know what I mean). So I'm back in the game! Emphasizing away my outfits!!
 Like I mentioned earlier, the weather is great so I was able to wear this outfit today, I love the color of my skirt with the blue combination of my denim top. I have to do some shopping for the weekend (we're having company on Sabbath lunch) and my brown boots are perfect for on the go type of day.. It gets kindda crazy at Sam's especially on the weekends but I love that store! We also have IMPACT (youth meeting) tonight..(can't wait) and that will be another outfit I will share with you guys! :) 
Enjoy your weekend my lovelies,
Much Love, 

top: Miley Cyrus, (Walmart), skirt: Target (DC), boots: Target (DC), trench: London Fog (Thrifted), scarf: Mary Kay (DC)

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