Stripe or Stripe Out?!

I always had the “rule” of no stripes well grounded; they make you look bigger than what you are already. When I first saw this shirt my inner alarm bell went off, but I wanted to try it on anyways. Trying on clothes before buying it is another rule also well grounded. If I’m gonna spend money on something it better fit me good. Plus I have to make sure that it looks better on my than on the hanger.
Needless to say I got it and now I’m wearing it.  My hubby likes it when I wear jean and a shirt, so I thought he might like this particular outfit, although I added the scarf and vest.  It was a bit cold today I thought I stay warm.  Hopefully tomorrow is sunny as today.
I wonder what I’ll wear tomorrow, my never ending dilemma on Friday nights. Its church on Sabbath you see.

Much love,


jeans: American Eagle, top: Thrifted (AE), vest: MOS, boots and scarf: DC (Target)

The sun was pretty bright and the wind was not helping me out either.

 Looking at the pictures now, maybe my outfit would be better off with not vest at all.. I shall try that next time.

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