Following In Her Footsteps

I was talking to my mom recently and I was telling her what EMPHASIS is about. This made me wonder about the type of style my mom had in her younger years and if some had rub off on me?  So I started to look for pictures of her and I couldn’t find many but these show a little bit of what she liked. 

I believe some of her outfits are back in style, oh how I wish she had saved all her old clothes for me.  I wouldn't have to be looking for some in the antique stores (which some stores totally price the time instead of the quality and time of the clothes). That would’ve been awesome if our mothers had saved their clothes for us (well maybe, my mom was way smaller than I will ever be).  And fashion is a circle anyways; What was old is new again. 

I guess in the end I have a bit of her style taste in me. Also guess what her favorite color is? Yup, her favorite color is also purple, well more lilac. We borrow clothes and shoes from each other’s closet (and never return them, um... well she does, I usually claim them as mine after I wear them). Now that I think of it, I truly did follow in her footsteps of fashion after all.  Did you follow your mothers’ style as well? If so I want to read about it too. 
Much Love, 

Love this outfit.. I'm in the process of making it happen!

PS. I apologize for the poor picture resolution, I hope you can forgive me. :)
PSS. Thanks mom for the pics. Te quiero mucho mami!

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