It's a Jungle out there

     So I was thinking about my style and the people that influence it, and although I might want to follow their every jot and tittle. It will simply not be possible, since most of them are celebrities and just one item is probably worth my rent. For those out there that are able to afford that..I'm jealous.. but I prefer a warm place to live thank you very much. I will say though..I do accept hand me downs, preferably from Jimmy Choo. I'm kidding..ok not really.
        Anyways, as I was saying about celebrity influence, one of my fave is Lindsay Price, I love her in Lipstick Jungle. All the outfits that Victory Ford wore are divine!!
     Lindsay can truly wear whatever she wants and pull off any trend out there, even with her small frame. There is hope for us 5'4" ladies. In the meantime she will continue to be an inspiration for my style.

      Much Love,

My favorite dress ever!! 

                        This I like for summer...ohh yeah

This 2011 will probably be the year of first.. I will try a mini.

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