Saturday I had to be in church REALLY early and I again hadn't picked out my outfit the night before! So I was starting to freak out because I still had to get Lilly ready, and get my husbands outfit picked out as well. I really don't have to pick out his outfits, but I do it because that's my way of making sure he matches, his clothes looked "iron" and to make his outfit go with whatever I end up wearing...well sometimes, some Saturdays I don't really care if we match or not, but usually we do. 
  I'm not sure why but that night before I went to bed really late, or better say really early. When I was taking these pics my eyes were about to close on their own. Thankfully I was able to get my husband take some pictures of my outfit right before I changed into my pj's and took the longest nap ever! Honestly I was ready to get into bed, and if you look closely you'll be able to see my raccoon eyes from my lack of sleep.
 In the end I remembered I had bought this top from the Middle Of nowhere Store, I put a classic black skirt on and ta da! My outfit was created.
Stay warm, wherever you may be, it's been super extra incredibly freezing here in MS.
Much Love, 

PS. Lilly was able to get in some pics..more like wanted to be in all the pictures, if she's not in one of these, is 'cus I send her for "something" in her room. LOL  

top:MOS, skirt: Old Navy,shoes:Guess (Ross)belt:gifted (mom)

see what I'm talking about! 

"pee-shurs mami pee-shurs!" (pictures mami pictures)... I love you child of mine!!!!!


Chasing Davies said...

Oh Lilly is adorable! how cute! And I like your outfit!

Beverly said...

thank you..yeah she is a hand full!