My Lazy Monday

Hey guys! well I know I said to you that Monday three of us stayed in bed taking care of Daddy, well since I was doing everything to make Daddy feel good, the big baby said "I wan to eat some oranges". Luckily we had already order them few weeks ago and a close friend of ours picked them up for me. All I need it to do was to get them from her. Well she was at our church school, so that meant I had to get dressed... So I did.. (after laying in bed for most of my morning) I got up and got dress, I had been browsing through some posts of my fellow bloggers and I had a bunch of ideas on what to wear, (well few ideas, lets not exaggerate) this outfit is the one I chose. So I picked them up, and while I was there it started to rain, but I wanted to take some pictures of my outfit since I had to show you what I had on. I found a dry place in the corner of our church. Ha! some parents were picking up their kids.. haha.. they were probably thinking, "what is she doing in the rain?" while they drove by me and my tripod. Anyways, it was getting cold and socks were not part of my outfit as you can see, so I came home, changed back into my jp's and lay in bed once again. :) 
Much Love, 

top: Thrifted (Calvin Klein), blazer: MOS, jeans: 2BW/U (Ross), shoes: Bakers, belt: Nine West


alltumbledown said...

Those shoes. Wow! This is a great streamlined outfit, and the pop of red just brings it to another level.

Beverly said...

I couldn't agree more! ;)

Lo said... rock those heels. seriously, those are hot. love the complementing belt too.

Beverly said...

they are one of my favorite pumps!

veg4life said...

I want those shoes SOOO bad! :) Red's my fav :/ waaah!

veg4life said...

I want those red shoes!! Red's my fav. :/ Waaah!