Lasagna Yum Yum

Friday is my preparation day. I clean and cook (well, Thursday is my official cleaning day), but Friday  is more for preparing Sabbath meals and any other stuff I need to get done before sunset. Tomorrow I have friends coming to eat at our house and they are vegetarian. It is hard to make a meal for few people and not include meat. Well I need to rephrase that; it’s hard for me to cook vegetarian.  Thankfully I came up with veggie lasagna; I cooked it with soy “meat”, and just added everything I would if I were using real meat.  We shall see tomorrow, once we eat it and see the expression on their faces when I ask if it was good or not. I will let you know how it good it tasted..Hopefully.

            Much love, 


          Soy meat it’s pretty testy, well it depends who cooks it. My hubby calls it cardboard meat. We both attended to Christian colleges and gluten is the only ingredient closest to meat they could cook with, so pretty much we only eat it if we have to. If you have not tried it yet, I suggest you do. Give your taste buds something healthy once in a while.

I added the sauce and mushrooms, and I let them simmer for a bit. If you look closely you can actually see the steam coming up. 

            On my first layer, I added the pasta, meat, and ricotta and mozzarella cheese. I did one more layer added more cheese and place it in the fridge. It will be ready for tomorrow just to stick it in the oven and Voilà!

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