Nicole Richie > Makes me want to try short jeans with leggings and high heels.

   Ana Kendrick > What a nice flowy strapless dress.. definitely a must!

Ginnifer Goodwin > She makes me want to cut my hair super short again and try long dressy shirt with a skinny belt.

Mandy Moore> The classic little black dress pair with a red lipstick and matching red pumps. Love it!

I will make it my aim to try all these four looks in the following days, not necessarily in that order. I will stay true to me and these four inspirations above. I do have to included them in the 30 for 30 challenge that will be starting this Tuesday! I'm super excited since Kendi was my inspiration to start blogging, along with my childhood friend Lynneth S. (anonymously inspiration). I hope you guys join in the challenge too and share your innovative ideas with your unique style.
Much Love, 

Let me know which of these four outfits you like the most?


Linley said...

Mandy Moore looks stunning!! I love that entire look form the dress to the lips to the pumps! and glad you are participating in the 30x30!!

Morgan@Meet Virginia said...

LOVE all of your inspirations! Nichole Richie is pretty much my style icon!



Beverly said...

Thank you ladies!
Morgan: i'm about to post what i wore today (monday) let me tell you its definitely Nichole Richie, because the outfit was a bit daring.
Linley: I love your style girl!