My DC Talk

I know everyone hates Mondays and some people had to work even though it was MLK’s day, if you did sorry. But my Monday was great! We ALL slept in which is a dream come true if you’re a mother. And to top it off, the cold gave us a break and I was able to wear this outfit. I know… I know… I’m wearing my brown boots again, but who can blame me, I like them.  They also match my brown belt, which I got at Dirt Cheap a while back.

 Dirt Cheap you ask? What kindda name is that?  It’s actually the name of a store I learned about way back in 2003. DC as I like to call it, only “exist” in the state of Mississippi and maybe Alabama. At first I wonder why? I can see a lot of ladies benefit from this store.  I soon realized MS and AL are one the poorest states.  And since I happen to live here, I get to benefit from this amazing store. I do have to say that the store is not for everyone, because you really have to WANT something to go there. It’s a treasure hunt.

 The store gets merchandise from every store there is. Stores send their unsold items and DC sale them for… well DIRT CHEAP! So next time you’re in either of those states, you gotta see what they have.
Well after giving you detail info on DC, let me just tell you that my Monday ended an even higher note. Sunday I mentioned I wanted to watch a movie cuddle in bed with my husband; well he ended up renting a movie for me; “Going the Distance”. It’s a romantic comedy about a long distance relationship.  And well my husband and I had a long distance relationship for one year (I’m glad those days are way over btw), so this movie totally made us remembered our dating "era". He’s a sweetheart. I guess he made my wish come true, since I got to watch my romantic movie cuddled in bed with him after all.
Much Love,

top: Walmart, skirt: MOS (Middle Of nowhere Store)belt:DC boots:Target ( via DC)


deedee996 said...

I absolutely agree!
i love this! <3
DC is my favorite store, I like to think of it as a simple way to shopping! (:

Beverly said...

I'm glad you enjoy it as much as I do. Have fun hunting for more treasures.. :) I would like to see what you've found at DC! :)

LiLi said...

You look great in this shirt! I mean, look at your skin all glowy! :-)