top: F21, blazer: MOS, jeans: Levi (via DC), shoes: Guess, clutch bag: Thrifted

I am a devote follower of The Sartorialist and a recent one of Style Scrapbook , I love their style A LOT!
I came up with this outfit after looking thru some of their posts.
Check them out and you'll see what I'm talking about. Andy of style scrapbook has a very innovative way of dressing and pairing pieces, almost to the point of  being a risk taker. I need to learn about that more.
Anyhow, enjoy your week my lovelies..

My Country Boots

 top: Target (via DC), skirt: MOS, boots: Target (via DC) hair clip: Borrowed 

These boots are made for walking... and that's just one of many reasons I love to wear them!
They are hands down my favorite boots, I have said that before.. because they are!
My outfit is very summer-able, but it can be worn in the winter time too, just by adding black leggings, socks, and a jacket or sweater. I should've worn something on top, (like.. a safety pin) now that I think about it (and see it on the picture) My top is size S, but I like how it fits me, expect my upper area, I hate having those issues... fellow readers what tricks have you used for similar problems?? If no problem.. I am jealous!!!

Denim Lover

tops: white (gifted), denim (Walmart), jeans: AE, shoes: Guess, belt: Thrifted

The true meaning of re-mixing is definitly shinning thru my outfit, I REALLY like my top and the jeans. I've worn this outfit before, although I add on different items.
I have not tried to wear button up shirt with a button up shirt before, but here you have it, I guess it looks ok. I do have to say it's not one of my favorite looks but denim goes with almost everything you pair it up with.
I've been a bit mad at my closet for not giving me ideas of outfits to wear..
I shall see what else we can come up with for the last few days left of the challenge...I can't wait for it either.

The Classic

 top: Gifted (mom), skirt: Old Navy, shoes: Guess, belt: Thrifted, scarf: DC

So today I almost quit the challenge! I felt like I had nothing to wear..and I felt super frustrated! I wanted to wear a dress and different shoes, everything piled up on me. 
But thankfully I went with the classic; Black and White look and for the cool breeze I added my brown scarf.
 It has been a great Sabbath so far, I really needed this weekend, my week was a bit rough... 
I'm glad we got to relax with friends and family.
Keep enjoying your weekend my lovelies.


 top: NY& Co, pants: Express, shoes: Steve Madden

I'm finally able to post my outfit, it's been one of those weeks, but hey! tomorrow is Friday! Yay!! and I thank God for the weekend indeed!! 
As you can see I wore this today and it was really comfortable, the weather was great, although the wind had  mind of its own...well you know what I mean.
I didn't like the rest of the pictures, I can just tell you my hands were all over the place trying to get my hair out of my face for the shots. However if I didn't post them, it could be like it never happen, just like the rest of the past few days, I was suppose to be on my 19 of 30 outfit but, I have no pictures to prove it, so basically they never happen.
The weekend will definitely be on my side (I pray) and I'll probably be able to catch up with you my lovelies!
If the weather lets me of course!

Smiling is good for the heart

My Sunday was delightful..the weather was super nice, the whole weekend was awesome.
I knew today was going to be sunny so I wore my shorts.. and yes I'm not wearing any tights, since the weather was awesome, yet again!
I really like this outfit, I could even wear it with my Aldo sandals in the summer, the shorts are very comfortable too.
 So I was taking my pictures and after the 20th time of going back and forth pressing the button, I finally ask my husband to help me and my tripod by just pressing the button for me.

 He started to make me laugh and I also started to get silly.. (but I won't show those pictures)
 top: TJ Maxx, shorts & vest: MOS, shoes: Baker, 
Until I was cracking up.. as you can see in the picture.. I hope you all had an awesome weekend and I know for some of you it is a long weekend.. (luckies!!)

Lovelies, enjoy your weekend and just think that in only five days the weekend will be here again.
How is your 30x30 challenge coming along? any regrets?


 dress: Ross, shoes: Kenneth Cole (gift from Mom), belt: DC

So I'm totally wearing a summer dress, bare legs and open toe low heel shoes in my WINTER EDITION 30X30! HA!! Who knew right?? But you all know my dress did make the cut for the challenge and it was a perfect pick. The weather if becoming close to perfect and thankfully I have clothes to wear without cheating by adding/buying new clothes.
Here you have the most awesome dress there is! cute in the winter, spring, summer, and fall! Also the color makes me wanna say: "Can I have ketchup with that please?!  (yes i love both; mustard & ketchup)
We had a great afternoon lunch in the park with friend and family.. *sigh* couldn't have asked for a better Sabbath afternoon.

Simply Dressy..

 top: Thrifted (Calvin Klein), skirt: Old Navy, shoes: Guess, belt: DC

I'm totally happy with the result of my outfit. It looks simple yet dressy, which is what I was going for since I had to go to Church. The weather was fabulous and there was no need for a blazer. Although, I wish it stay a bit cooler so my "winter edition" can truly be "winter"..well actually now that I think of it, nah! it's ok, I welcome spring with open arms!!
I totally like my pictures, my friend Emilce was my photographer for the day, and she did an excellent job. So Emilce I want to say GRACIAS!!..oh Thank God for girlfriend, don't you agree??
I hope my lovelies you keep enjoying your weekend. 

Hello Sunshine!

top: NY& Co, pants: Express, shoes: Baker, belt: Thrifted, scarf: DC

I know it's been a while, but I'm back! Yay! Anyways, so how awesome is today?? Honestly I can get used to this weather, it's super outside. I almost wanted to wear some shorts but I'm sticking to the challenge, so I opted for the wide legged trousers and added the scarf to keep my outfit on the "winter" theme.
I had to go EVERYWHERE* (office,bank,store job site, store..etc. etc. etc.) today and since my feet are not used to wearing heels and carrying Lilly ALL day looong!!(ok maybe not all day, but most of my morning). My lovelies I'm about to take a little nap..zZz.. But before I doze off, I want to THANK all of my FOLLOWERS and non-Followers for all the SWEET comments! Getting your comments is like the first weeks on Facebook; I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT!! 
And now I'm addicted to getting more feed my addiction my lovely ladies... PLEASE?!! 

What To Do? (Recap 11/30)

I know it's only been 1/3 of the challenge but it feels me.. I wonder how everyone else is feeling? 
In all honesty I feel like Kris, wishing I was throwing the towel.. well wanting to. After seeing some of the pictures of fashion week in NY, I got excited and I wanted to try new styles (with my own clothes of course, I wish I could afford one of Carolina Herrera's pieces for sure!!) and combine new outfits.
Well, I'm not trying to sound like I'm having a pity party over here but, this 30x30 is harder than I thought.
As times continues I look at my items and run out of options/ideas..
Anyways, I will hang in there a bit longer, we'll see if tomorrow I'm able to post #12 of 30 for you guys.
Comments however, make my day and are the fuel to completing the challenge *wink*, so please show the love by leaving me some comment!
Happy day my lovely ladies.

About a Boy

 I really like this dress! I mean I've had it for a couple of years now, if not more but, I just love it!
I love the color too. This is actually the first time I pair it with tights and pumps. I usually wear it in the summer, but it was part of my 30 for 30, so here it is.
 dress: Ross, cardigan: Target (via DC), shoes: Guess, belt: Nine-West, bag: Gifted-Mom (Ann Taylor)
We had a really nice time..Lilly behave for the most part, so my husband and I had some time to chat and tell each other sweet things... :)
 She finished all her food (beans and rice) and was more than ready to get out of her sit. By the way my husband doesn't like her bow, I happen to think she looks very cute plus, it was made by me.
 Carrying on, Lilly made friends with this little boy, who had the cutest laugh and just as we were leaving he came running towards her.
 Lilly had given him a balloon before we came outside, so now they were the best of friends..
 This is what happen for a few minutes...
and some...


some more..
Until the little boy had to leave.. We all had a good time.
 I love my hubby's smile in this picture above.. *sigh*.. Oh I love him... 
 Our night soon ended.. well almost, we did get a free movie (c/o Red Box) after entering a code. So it was Dinner and a Movie (the movie didn't happen though). Enrique put Lilly to bed and they both fell a sleep so, here I am sharing our night with you and ending my Valentine's day with you my lovelies!! 
How was your V-day??