Inspirations Recap

I will think about this outfit before putting it on.To be completely honest, it's definitely not me. However, I can say I tried it!


This in the other hand..I really like!! This outfit will pop up again but, maybe with some skinny jeans or something a little thicker than leggings. I also wanted to cut my hair just so I could complete the look but, I think about how long it's taking my hair to grow.. FORGET IT!! 

Yup!.. nope a hair cut this short is NOT happening anytime soon!
Aww.. Lilly was only 4 moths old then.. *sigh* 
(she's two years old now)

Make good memories this weekend ladies, because we can't turn back time.
Much Love, 


Ms. Mari said...

Your daughter is soo adorable :)

Ooh, that short pixie hair really suits you! You have the right face angle for it :) I'm kinda in limbo right now too. Some days I want to cut it short, some days I want to grow it long. When you ask people, opinions are just as divided. Ah well, it's only hair. No matter how long it takes, it always grows back :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. How about following each other?


Beverly said...

why not! :D Enjoy your weekend!

Emma said...

I love this post, great outfits!


Beverly said...

Thank you Emma..I looooove your style btw!! :)